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New In Stock!

Our newest cloaks and robes are available now.

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Black Hooded Cloak

Don’t Settle for a Halloween Store Cloak or Robe!

Raven Fox hooded cloaks and robes are thicker and swooshier than the ones found in most stores – that means they possess amazing drape and move with drama!

These thoughtfully designed, practical cloaks feature:


  • two deep pockets and a lined hood
  • premium fabric and machine washable
  • perfect design for costume and cosplay events: sci-fi / fantasy, as well as gothic and witchy attire
  • availability in long, medium and short
    (short length available for select products and colors)
  • moderate weight perfect for spring, summer, and fall (and mild winters)
  • guaranteed satisfaction and free shipping
  • typically ships in 1 to 2 days
Influencer Tezza twirling in a flowing red robe

Express Yourself with a Flowing and Swooshy Cloak or Robe

Our sci-fi and fantasy hooded cloaks – and now robes – have ample room for wrapping and/or dramatic swooshing, and a large hood perfect for brooding in a tavern corner. 

I love my cloak!
(It’s Mine Mine Mine – now)

It is grade-A quality; out of all of the cloaks I have seen at various shows / conventions, I am glad I held out for one that is premium quality and comfortable to wear.

-Allen C.

Influencer Tezza twirling in a flowing red robe

The Pockets in Action

Who Said Cloaks and Robes Can’t Be Practical?

Extra deep and hidden side pockets are must-have features on all our hooded capes and robes.

After all, even wizards, elves, and Jedi must carry their cellphones and keys somewhere!

Raven Fox Cloak & Robe Collection 2024

Ready-made cloaks and robes in premium fabrics and multiple colors, featuring
deep inner POCKETS for your phone. Machine washable. 


Hooded Cloak for Men

Cloak for Men

Hooded Women's Cloak

Cloak for Women

Lounging at the water's edge in a luxurious Raven Fox Black Velvet Cloak; Available length 60" (long).

Black Velvet Cloak

Co-owner Tod in a long brown Jedi robe and black Jedi costume in a rocky landwcape

New Jedi Robes

Exceptional cloak of the highest quality and craftsmanship! Exceeded all of my expectations! Easy ordering and rapid delivery in the week before Halloween! 

– Shawn

Amazing! It feels super luxe and it has POCKETS. I just want to dance and spin around wearing this amazing cloak.

– Z.B.

I have several Jedi robes and this is by far my favorite! The material is like the cloaks and simply perfect. It drapes great and blows nicely in the breeze. Color is spot on. The hood is nice and large. I would 100% recommend this one over any other robes I’ve seen to date! So glad y’all decided to make these! Thank you!

– Frank D.

Having tried many capes over the years, I can honestly say that Raven Fox Capes quality is unmatched! From the weight of the material for flow, to the sheen of the velvet, to the inky darkness that makes my other ones look far from black, my breath was taken away when I first swished this one around 🖤

— Stephanie P.


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