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Hooded Cloak Red

500% as Thick as Cloaks Found in Stores!

Our newest luxury hooded cloaks are easily 500% thicker than the capes commonly found in stores – and possess amazing drape!

They feature two interior side pockets and a lined hood.

Perfect for sci-fi and fantasy events as well as everyday use.

Unisex / Now in Two Lengths 

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woman in green cloak

Impress Your Friends with Your Flowing Cloak

Our new sci-fi and fantasy hooded cloaks are made of suiting fabric that is 100% machine washable.

I love my cloak!
(It’s Mine Mine Mine – now)

It is grade-A quality; out of all of the cloaks I have seen at various shows / conventions, I am glad I held out for one that is premium quality and comfortable to wear.

-Allen C.

woman in green cloak

Cloak Pockets in Action

Who Said Cloaks Can’t Be Practical?

Extra deep and hidden side pockets are must-have features on all our hooded capes.

After all, even wizards and elves must carry their cellphones and wallets somewhere!

Raven Fox Cloak Collection 2021-2022

Ready-made cloaks in premium fabrics and multiple colors, featuring
deep inner POCKETS for your phone. Machine washable. 


Hooded Cloak for Men

Cloak for Men

Hooded Women's Cloak

Cloak for Women

black velvet cloak for women

Velvet Cloak for Women

Black Velvet Cloak for Men

Velvet Cloak for Men

Love my new cloak! The fabric flows beautifully. It fits great and the deep pockets rock!

– Erika P.

Amazing! It feels super luxe and it has POCKETS. I just want to dance and spin around wearing this amazing cloak.

– Z.B.

My dance troupe purchased these cloaks to use as cover-ups before and after performances. They are really beautiful and I get a lot of compliments. The best thing is that they have pockets which is handy. The quality and workmanship is good and the weight is also substantial without being too heavy or too hot.

– Dorna S.

These capes are made from a soft, luxurious velvet, that makes them both comfortable and elegant. I particularly like the drape of the fabric, it flows nicely when I move. The pockets are an added bonus. I liked them so much I ordered two, one for myself and one for my daughter.

— Grier C. 

Soft and Flowing Velvet Medieval Cloaks

Our elegant cloaks feature deep inside POCKETS on both sides, a lined hood, and arm slits.

Velvet Cloak with Hood

Deep Teal Velvet Hooded Cloak with Pockets

Purple Velvet Cloak with Hood and Pockets

Rich Purple Velvet Hooded Cloak with Pockets


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