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The Finest Medieval Cloaks to Wear Again and Again

Twice as Thick as Capes Found in Stores!

Our full length premium velvet cloaks are easily twice as thick as the capes commonly found in stores – and ultra soft to the touch!

They feature a velvet lined hood that falls over the eyes and velvet ties at the collar.

Perfect for renaissance, medieval, cosplay, gothic, steampunk and masquerade parties!

Unisex / Now in Two Lengths 60″ and 48″

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Velvet So Ultra Soft, You’ll Never Want To Take It Off

All our hooded cloaks are made of deliciously soft and flowing fabric that is 100% machine washable.

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These capes are made from a soft, luxurious velvet, that makes them both comfortable and elegant. I particularly like the drape of the fabric, it flows nicely when I move. The pockets are an added bonus. I liked them so much I ordered two, one for myself and one for my daughter.

— Grier C. 

Cloak Pockets in Action

Who Said Cloaks Can’t Be Practical?

Extra deep and hidden side pockets are must have features on all our hooded capes.

After all, even wizards and elves, must carry their cellphones and wallets somewhere!

Love my new cape! The fabric flows beautifully. It fits great and the deep pockets rock!

– Erika P.

We had fun during dance rehearsal twirling in our new cloaks. Perfect as bellydancing cover ups. And, the best part is that they have pockets!  A must have for keys and phones.

– Dorna S.

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