Lorien Brooch
Lorien Brooch
Leaf Brooch
Leaf Brooch
Lorien Leaf Brooch

Lorien Leaf Brooch Green Leaf Pin


Lorien Brooch or Leaf Brooch. Vines of silver swirl around the leaf in this 3-D version. On this leaf brooch the silver leaf veins are visible, unlike on lesser versions where they are covered in green glaze.

As you most likely know, Galadriel gave each of the members of the Fellowship of the Ring a cloak, and a Leaf of Lorien brooch at the end of their stay at Lothlórien. Both the cloaks and the Lorien brooch were made by the Elves. Of the nine members, only Gandalf didn’t receive one, as he was presumed to be dead at the time. These brooches are modeled on the newly opened leaves of the beech tree.


Material: Platinium over copper
Dimensions: 64 x 43mm (2.5 x 1.7 inch)
Closes with a pin on back as shown
Comes with a velvet-like pouch

Modeled closely on the Lorien Green Leaf Brooch in the Peter Jackson movies, these replica green leaf brooches have an ordinary pin back like the originals.

Because a pin back won’t hold the cloak on, it is recommended to utilize a hidden clasp to close your cloak, and use the Lorien brooch as decoration. Fortunately, our Raven Fox Cloaks have a subtle black eyelet clasp to hold your cloak on.

In the LOTR story, the Lorien brooches were gifted to The Fellowship at the same time as the grey cloaks. The LOTR movie brooch was designed by Jasmine Watson. For the movie, there were approximately 60 brooches in all (for scale doubles, stunt doubles, etc.). Later, they made a mold of the original brooch for mass production.

Additional information

Dimensions2.5 × 1.7 in


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