Hooded Jedi Robes with POCKETS in Black and Deep Brown

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May the Force with You!

Pockets, Premium Fabric, Machine Washable. Amazing Drape.
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Most of our unisex Raven Fox Jedi robes with hoods go to people who attend sci-fi events like comic-cons, but we also sell to folks planning to wear them to renaissance faires, goth events, and a startling variety of other occasions.

Each Jedi robe includes a generous lined hood and two deep pockets to hold your cell phone, keys, a wallet, and you know, your stuff. Equally important, they are made from a luxury suiting fabric we selected for its outstanding ease of care, drape, and flow. It’s all about the drape, baby!

More on Shipping: In the lead up to Halloween and Christmas we ship the same day or next day. Other times of year we ship in 1-2 days. Delivery times are 1-2 days on the West Coast. 2-3 days for the rest of the US.

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Store co-owner Tod using the Force in a brown Jedi robe and black Jedi tunic

Hooded Jedi Robe Details:

  • high quality fabric and excellent sewing
  • 2 interior side pockets
  • lined hood
  • small hook-and-eye fastener at the neck (easily removable if desired)
  • long robe weighs 3.5 lbs.
  • machine washable
  • high quality eye hook at collar
  • available in two lengths, Medium 49” OR Long 55”
    (Length measurement is the center back seam)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed; return within 30 days in new condition for a refund.

Unisex Hooded Jedi Robes with Pockets —
About those Pockets

We are firm believers in utility in all items of clothing. All of our robes and cloaks have discrete inside pockets. The pockets are generously deep and include snap closures at the top to keep your gear safe.

The great part is that the pockets are hard to detect and do not distort the hang of the Jedi robe.

Our robes answer the age-old question, “so, Jedi always walk around with underwater breathing apparatus on them? Where do they keep it?”

Pockets AND machine-washable? No one need know how truly practical this dramatic robe is!

Full-length robe comes to 5ft 11in Tod's ankles, medium robe comes to his mid-calf

Hooded Cloak Sizing:

  • 5ft 5″ and below, we suggest the medium for a full-length Jedi robe.
  • 5ft 6″ and above, should choose the long for a full-length Jedi robe.

The photo shows a brown long and black medium robe on a 5ft 11in (6ft in boots) model.
Sizing or other questions? Feel free to call us at 510-502-4963 or email

Tod in a black robe bowing to a green lightsaber blade

Jedi Robes Designed for Sci-Fi / Fantasy Characters or Events, including:

  • Star Wars / The Mandalorian
  • Harry Potter
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Game of Thrones / Song of Ice and Fire
  • Modern Witch Attire
  • Goth Attire
  • Renaissance Fairs / Medieval Faires
Tod in a black robe bowing to a green lightsaber blade

Our Robe Inspiration

Our inspiration for creating this robe comes from the observation that there are few affordable high quality, ready-made versatile robes with pockets available for sci-fi / fantasy fans and cosplayers.

We designed these robes to be great for many different roles – perfect for Jedi costumes as well as a range of other costumes from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones to Robin Hood (for those Friar Tuck fans out there).

When we looked around, we saw two options: the super-cheap and nearly disposable robes available in stores at Halloween; and the expensive, custom-made robes such as those found on Etsy. The Halloween store robes tend to be lightweight, shiny, and stiff. The custom made robes of wool and linen look fantastic, but tend to be expensive, and can be hard to care for.

Hence, our hooded Jedi robes with pockets are ready-made and sewn in a machine-washable, luxury suiting fabric — for drape, practicality, and the way they move when the wearer moves.

Pockets – Premium Fabric – Machine Washable – Prompt and Free Shipping

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Return within 30 days in new condition for a refund.

4 reviews for Hooded Jedi Robes with POCKETS in Black and Deep Brown

  1. Frank Deen

    I have several Jedi robes and this is by far my favorite! The material is like the cloaks and simply perfect. It drapes great and blows nicely in the breeze. Color is spot on. The hood is nice and large. I would 100% recommend this one over any other robes I’ve seen to date! So glad y’all decided to make these! Thank you!

  2. The Wynne

    Been waiting for the Raven Fox Capes Jedi robe to come out since October! I love it so much… it’s exactly the color and feel that I was hoping for!

    May the Fourth Be With Y’all!

  3. Brad B.

    Your web page does a good job of describing the difference compared to what is available in less than 2 weeks on A-land. I suspect those low-dollar offerings are akin to a shiny graduation robe.

    And from a customer service perspective very pleased that you match the shipping/delivery speed of A-land Prime.

  4. Dario Estrabao

    The cloak I received is absolutely beautiful; the craftsmanship and the quality is leaps and bounds above what I expected. The material is certainly not thin and cheap; you can probably wear this when it’s colder out and actually keep warm. The Ranger Green is a true-to-color olive and the loop clasp is almost hidden so you have a clean look that flows throughout. Perfect for a realistic cosplay outfit or actual and functional wardrobe item. Once the wife decides what color she wants, she’s getting one too!

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