Small Business Love

Our Small Business Love page lists some businesses we’ve discovered and connected with during our cloak journey. We hope you enjoy their awesome offerings as much as we do.

Chosen Wan Apparel
As NERD culture has evolved, so was the need for a brand that represents us. We created a brand that empowers our lifestyle and culture. Inspired by pop, with a dash of retro goodness, our blended brand evolves with the future. Our mission is to provide a positive and empowering brand that flips the script for all NERDKIND. For the kids who live by the code to Never Grow Up. Many are called but only a few are CHOSEN.

C&J Goods – Custom Leathersmithy
We create bespoke leather goods that fit your needs. Whether for daily use or adventure, our sturdy items and sophisticated designs are at home everywhere and anywhere. Modular in nature you will be able to seamlessly mix and match our accessories.