You’re a Magical Cloak Wearer!

Types of Cloaks
As a magician, you’ve spent years or even decades honing your magical skills. You use your magic for good to protect from threatening elements. Others turn to you for help when they have problems that appear unsolvable.

Obviously, a black cloak with unexpected pockets is the go-to for the magician. But you’ve never been one to follow the expected path are you? No, didn’t think so. Few magicians are. If you’re performing for a crowd you need a bright cloak to stand out. Or maybe you want something understated and subtle to reinforce your
air of mystery.

Elven Cloaks and Cloaks of Lorien in the Lord of the Rings (LOTR)

You may know there are at least two kinds of cloaks, Elven Cloaks and Cloaks of Lórien, in the movie series The Lord of the Rings. These memorable cloaks are all made by the Elves, however the differences in fabrics, wearers and other details will be the topic of this...

Who is in The Rings of Power cast? And can we expect Hobbits?

The Rings of Power cast and characters have stirred up some controversies among fans. I guess anytime you are talking about Tolkien people are gonna disagree. I'm not picking sides on this one -- you can draw your own opinions. Also, there are mild spoilers here –...

When is Hobbit Day? When is Star Trek Day? And Other Dates That Matter

When is Hobbit Day? When is Star Trek Day? and other Days that matter to Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fans. Most people know of Star Wars Day thanks to the slogan "May The Force Be with You." If you are a sci-fi and fantasy fan, you might be delighted to know that there's a...