Medieval Hooded Velvet Cloak in Purple with Pockets

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Sometimes you want to shine, and when you do, we’ve got you covered!

People adore the soft and shiny velvet of these cloaks as well as the gorgeous drape. The hood of this cloak falls over the eyes – we’ll let you decide whether that is romantic, mysterious, adventurous, or just a hazard while driving.

Our cloaks have two side POCKETS that are accessed from the front through the arm slits in the seams. Pockets are designed to hold your cell phone (see photos). There is a velvet tie at the neck to hold it closed.

Limited Selection Currently. Please Read Details.

  • Teal and Purple available in medium length 49″ ONLY. We sold out of the long length 60″ and all teal.
    Please note purple cloaks are seconds as the fabric has some pilling. See fabric picture in slide show. By pilling I mean tiny dots. In my humble opinion, the imperfections will not effect your costume, but you will likely notice when you unbox your cloak. (more fabric and sizing info below)

Ideal for Renaissance, masquerade, Halloween, royalty, dance, modern witch attire or burning man. Not ideal for driving.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Ships in 1-2 Days. More Detail Below. 


Medieval hooded velvet cloak with convenient POCKETS available in Teal and Purple. The velvet cloak hood falls over the eyes, features velvet ties at the neck, and two deep pockets on the side seams. Imagine a velvet cloak made with deliciously soft, thick and flowing fabric. The fabric moves with you and adds drama and mystery to your costume.

This design features arm slits in either seam, just above the pockets. Pockets are accessible from the front of the cloak. The arm slits and pockets are hidden in the side seams.

Limited Selection. Purple Cloaks Are Seconds.

Purple available in medium 49″ ONLY. We are sold out of long purple and all teal.
**However, purple cloaks are seconds as they have some pilling. In my humble opinion, the imperfections will not effect your costume, but you may notice when you unbox your cloak. There is pilling on the hoods and bodies as well. See fabric photo of the pilling in the gallery.

Sizing: We recommend the medium length for people 5ft 4″ and under who want a full length cloak. If you are over 5ft 4″ the cloak will be ankle or calf lengths, depending. Measure from where your neck meets your shoulder down to the floor.

Our velvet cloak is ideal for so many types of special events and fairs, such as:

  • Renaissance and Medieval Faires
  • Dance
  • Masquerade
  • Halloween
  • Royalty
  • Modern Witch Attire

Velvet Cloak with Hood – Panne Velvet Fabric Specifications:

  • Weight: Our panne velvet fabric is more than twice as thick as capes found in stores and soft to the touch! Perfect for Spring and Summer night events. Each cloak weighs approximately 2 lbs!
  • Sheen:  Our velvet cloaks have a gorgeous, shiny quality!
  • Drape and Flow: Panne velvet looks great for swooshing, swirling, dancing or walking fast. You can make a grand entrance or create a show-stopping moment when taking it off.
  • Washable: Our penne velvet fabric is 100% polyester and thus machine washable.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Return in new condition within 30 days of receipt for a full refund.

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Additional information

Weight2 lbs

Deep Teal, Rich Purple


49 inches

13 reviews for Medieval Hooded Velvet Cloak in Purple with Pockets

  1. Teresa

    Beautiful, well-made cloak that arrived quickly and was carefully packaged. Thanks for offering such a high quality item at such a great price!

  2. Barbara W.

    You folks are awesome. I refer friends to you. I am a seamstress and a designer. I’m also 71, I do not sew professionally or for money anymore, only for schools, theaters, proms, and historical events. I’m very picky. Never been the glue gun solution kind of person.

    Your capes are well done and affordable. This is a service that people appreciate. They need a place to get something really nice that offers durability. Thank you!!

  3. Aighmi J.

    The cloaks arrived swiftly, gorgeous and beautifully packaged, a joy to unbox. The purple one will be perfect for a royal fae creation! The lovely brown one will be put to use at a Renaissance fair immediately and used every chance I get! Thank you.

  4. Marcus P.

    Thank you so much! It arrived earlier than the initial expected date. She absolutely loved the deep teal cloak and the hand written note made her “heart melt” upon opening her gift. I can’t thank you enough for making her birthday and gift that much more special.

  5. Ruma Tenbrink (verified owner)

    What a gorgeous cloak! I can see myself being many different types of people in this cloak as it works for all genres of fantasty characters, from Start Wars to the Hobbit and also many of the Grimms Fairy Tales. I wore this to a Star Wars party and fit right in! I had street clothes on underneath and an awesome light saber, so no one noticed I was just dressed in a comfy black tee and black leggings with boots!

  6. Lori S. (verified owner)

    Love my cloak! It fits great and the color is beautiful. Can’t wait to wear it!

  7. Katherine Schaaf (verified owner)

    Wonderful cape! Beautiful! Well made and super fun for when you need a dress up (I’m a teacher and a grandmother so having something to dress up in is important). So many wins!!!

  8. Rayna (verified owner)

    It’s magical beyond belief! The color is enchanting!

  9. Z.B. (verified owner)

    Amazing! It feels super luxe and it has POCKETS. I just want to dance and spin around wearing this amazing cloak.

    – Z.B.

  10. Dorna S. (verified owner)

    My dance troupe purchased these cloaks to use as cover-ups before and after performances. They are really beautiful and I get a lot of compliments. The best thing is that they have pockets which is handy. The quality and workmanship is good and the weight is also substantial without being too heavy or too hot.

    – Dorna S.

  11. Grier C. (verified owner)

    These capes are made from a soft, luxurious velvet, that makes them both comfortable and elegant. I particularly like the drape of the fabric, it flows nicely when I move. The pockets are an added bonus. I liked them so much I ordered two, one for myself and one for my daughter.

    — Grier C.

  12. Allen C. (verified owner)

    I love my cloak!
    (It’s Mine Mine Mine – now)

    It is grade-A quality; out of all of the cloaks I have seen at various shows / conventions, I am glad I held out for one that is premium quality and comfortable to wear.

    -Allen C.

  13. Erika P. (verified owner)

    Love my new cloak! The fabric flows beautifully. It fits great and the deep pockets rock!

    – Erika P.

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