Velvet Cloak with Hood
Velvet Cloak with Hood
Velvet Cloak with pocket
velvet cloak with hood
velvet cloak with hood
Velvet Cloak
Velvet Cloak with Hood
velvet cloak
Velvet Cloak with Hood

Velvet Cloak with Hood


Sometimes you want to shine, and when you do, we’ve got you covered!

People adore the soft and shiny velvet of these cloaks as well as the gorgeous drape. The hood of this cloak falls over the eyes, and we’ll let you decide whether that is romantic, mysterious, adventurous, or just a hazard while driving.

Our cloaks include a velvet tie at the collar. They also have two side pockets that are accessed from the front through the arm slits in the seams. Pockets are designed to hold your cell phone. (See photos.)

Available in two lengths. Choose between 60″ and 52″ inches from shoulder to floor.

Ideal for Renaissance, medieval, steampunk, masquerade, Halloween costumes, or modern witch attire. Not ideal for driving.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Free Shipping. More Details Below.



Velvet cloak with hood and convenient pockets. The velvet cloak falls over the eyes, features velvet ties at the neck, and two deep pockets on the side seams. Imagine a velvet cloak made with deliciously soft, thick and flowing fabric. The fabric moves with you and adds drama and mystery to your costume.

This design features arm slits in either seam, just above the pockets. Pockets are accessible from the front of the cloak. The arm slits and pockets are hidden in the side seams.

Also, the ties are designed to be easy-to-remove for those who want a different type of closure.

Available in two lengths

Choose between 60″ and 52″ from shoulder to floor.

We recommend the shorter length for people 5ft 4″ and under, or those who prefer a shorter cloak. Measure from where your neck meets your shoulder down to the floor.

Our velvet cloak is ideal for so many types of special events and fairs, such as:

  • Renaissance
  • medieval
  • steampunk
  • masquerade
  • Halloween
  • royalty
  • Edwardian
  • Burning Man
  • Modern Witch Attire


Velvet Cloak with Hood – Panne Velvet Fabric Specifications:

  • Weight: Our panne velvet fabric is more than twice as thick as capes found in stores and soft to the touch! Perfect for summer night events. Each cloak weighs over 2 lbs!
  • Sheen:  Our velvet cloaks have a gorgeous, shiny quality!
  • Drape and Flow: Panne velvet looks great for dancing or walking fast. You can make a grand entrance or create a show-stopping moment when taking it off.
  • Washable: Our penne velvet fabric is 100% polyester and thus machine washable.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Return in new condition within 30 days of receipt for a full refund. Free Shipping anywhere in the US for all cloak orders.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Deep Teal, Rich Purple


52 inches, 60 inches


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