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Men’s Hooded Cloaks with POCKETS in Black, Green, Red or Brown

(24 customer reviews)


A Cloak Like No Other!

Pockets, Premium Fabric, Machine Washable.
Free Shipping! Ships promptly.

Most of our Raven Fox men’s cloaks with hoods go to people who attend fantasy or sci-fi events. And if you want to wear a cloak in everyday life we think you are awesome. Really awesome.

Each cloak includes a generous lined hood and two deep pockets to hold your cell phone, keys, a wallet, and you know, your stuff. Equally important, they are made from a luxury suiting fabric we selected for its outstanding ease of care, drape and flow. It’s all about the drape, baby.

More on Shipping: In the lead up to Christmas (Halloween, Rennaisance Fair Season) we ship the same day or next day. Other times of year we ship in 1-2 days. Delivery times are 1-2 days on the West Coast. 2-3 days for the Mid and East Coast.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Free Shipping on all cloak orders.
More Details Below.

Men’s Hooded Cloaks Details:

  • High Quality Fabric and Sewing
  • 2 interior side pockets
  • lined hood
  • 60″ cloak weighs 4 lbs.
  • machine washable
  • high quality eye hook at collar
  • Noir Black and Ranger Green are available in three lengths, Small 42″, Medium 52″ OR Long 60″
  • all colors available in Medium 52″ OR Long 60″

Men’s Hooded Cloaks with Pockets —
About those Pockets

We are firm believers in utility in all items of clothing. Thus, we’ve designed inside pockets for these hooded cloaks.

The pockets are generously deep, and include snap closures at the top to keep your gear safe.

The great part is that the pockets do not distort the hang of the cloak (unless something really heavy is in there) and are made of the same fabric so they are generally invisible.

Pockets AND machine-washable? No one need know how truly practical this hooded cloak is!

Hooded Cloak Sizing:

  • 5ft 5″ and below, select the medium for a full-length cloak.
  • 5ft 6″ and above, select the long for a full-length cloak.
  • Want a calf length cloak? If you are over 5ft’ 6″, then select the short or medium cloak length for a calf length cloak.

Sizing questions? Feel free to call us at 510-502-4963 or email

Cloak Fabric Specifications:

  • Fabric Content: Similar to Suiting Fabric, 80% polyester, 17% rayon, and 3% spandex
  • Weight: Each 60″ cloak weighs 4 lbs! Perfect for Spring, Fall, and Summer night events.
  • Drape and Flow: We designed our cloaks for swooshing, swishing, dancing, leaping, fighting, or fast walking.
  • Washable: Machine washable cold, we recommend hang to dry.

Cloaks Designed for Sci-Fi / Fantasy Characters or Events, including:

  • Renaissance Fairs
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Game of Thrones / Song of Ice and Fire
  • Star Wars / The Mandalorian
  • Modern Witch Attire
  • Goth Attire
  • Harry Potter
  • Everyday Attire

Our Cloak Inspiration

Our inspiration for creating this cloak is the fact there are few hooded cloaks with pockets available for sci-fi / fantasy fans.

When we looked around, we saw only two options. For one, there are ultra cheap and nearly disposable cloaks available in stores at Halloween. The other option are custom-made woolen cloaks such as those found on Etsy.

Hence, our hooded cloak with pockets are ready-made and sewn in a luxury suiting material — for beauty, drape, and practicality.

Pockets – Premium Fabric – Machine Washable – Prompt and Free Shipping

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Return within 30 days in new condition for a refund.

24 reviews for Men's Hooded Cloaks with POCKETS in Black, Green, Red or Brown

  1. Jen

    Purchased this cloak for my nephew and he loved it!! He’s 6’5” and the large was perfect length for him. The quality was amazing! Karen was super helpful. So happy with my purchase!

  2. Travis M.

    I purchased a long black cloak and need to tell you it one of my top 3 favorite garments. It’s up there with my leather bomber jacket and a hoodie I customized for myself.

    I plan to buy a green or brown medium length cloak in the future to fill out my cloak wardrobe!

  3. Brad B.

    Your web page does a good job of describing the difference compared to what is available in less than 2 weeks on A-land. I suspect those low-dollar offerings are akin to a shiny graduation robe.

    And from a customer service perspective very pleased that you match the shipping/delivery speed of A-land Prime.

    • Raven Fox Capes

      Brad, I appreciate the shout out for our shipping / delivery speed. We ship cloak orders the same day / next day during Renn Faire season, Halloween, and Winter Holidays. Other times of year we ship within 1-2 days. We understand our cloaks are worn for special events and sometimes gifted!

  4. Paul

    What a great cloak! Wore this to a Renaissance Faire as a part of my outfit, and loved it! The pockets were useful for storing water bottles, the hood was great for shielding myself from the sun, and I had a tremendous amount of fun swishing the cape as I moved around. The quality is great, as is the length. I am 6ft tall and got the 60 inch one. Would highly recommend!

    Men's Hooded Cloaks with POCKETS in Black, Green, Red or Brown
    Men's Hooded Cloaks with POCKETS in Black, Green, Red or Brown
  5. Patrick

    I purchased the 60 inch green cloak and I absolutely love it! I am 5’9” with pretty broad shoulders and it fits perfectly. It’s just the right length and barely skims above the ground. It’s swooshy and dramatic and drapes perfectly. I look forward to buying another in black or brown and might opt for a slightly shorter model for wetter or muddier days. I highly recommend this cloak!

  6. Wynne

    Got my second cloak, this one in black, and it’s just as awesome as the first one! Wore it to a Ren Faire and it was really nice because my pants didn’t have pockets, yet I still had somewhere to store my phone and money! Didn’t get nearly as hot as I expected to, and it shaded me from the Texas sun! The cloak should really be brought back into style for all occasions!

  7. Ruger S.

    I couldn’t be happier with both the cloaks and the pouch belts. They exceeded my already high expectations, and look so beautiful. My fiance and I will absolutely love wearing them out together. And if I get any questions about them, I will definitely recommend them to others.

  8. JohnPaul

    This cloak is awesome. I decided I wanted to be a Wizard and wasn’t looking back. I’m glad I found this site for a quality item I can use with confidence. Once you get one you will love it.

  9. Robert

    I love my new cloak! It’s beautiful and looks amazing. And Raven Fox is brilliant to work with. They have lightning fast shipping, and communication is great too.

  10. C. Smoyer

    This cloak is a Christmas gift so the only thing I can say so far is 1)the packaging is wonderful, 2)the cloak feels really soft but will remain folded as delivered until it is opened on Christmas Day; 3) I will get a specific response from the recipient and add it after 12/25/2020.

  11. Shawn

    Exceptional cloak of the highest quality and craftsmanship! Exceeded all of my expectations! Easy ordering and rapid delivery in the week before Halloween! Even the unboxing was a pleasant surprise! I will highly recommend this company and products to anyone willing to listen! Thank you!

  12. Dario Estrabao (verified owner)

    The cloak I received is absolutely beautiful; the craftsmanship and the quality is leaps and bounds above what I expected. The material is certainly not thin and cheap; you can probably wear this when it’s colder out and actually keep warm. The Ranger Green is a true-to-color olive and the loop clasp is almost hidden so you have a clean look that flows throughout. Perfect for a realistic cosplay outfit or actual and functional wardrobe item. Once the wife decides what color she wants, she’s getting one too!

  13. David DeGolier (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product and company. I had a few questions about length prior to purchase, and the owner Karen was super fast and helpful with her replies. It came very very fast. And it is even better than I had envisioned. The perfect length for me. And the pockets are incredible. I ordered the ranger green and it’s a great color. It drapes incredibly well, and the clasp is perfect and does not feel like it’s strangling you. The hood is just the right size as well. The fabric used is soft but feels durable
    An amazing product and I will be recommending them to anyone who wants a premium cloak for a great price. I can not recommend them enough!

  14. steve (verified owner)

    This is a fabulous cloak to go off adventuring in the woods with. It really sets the proper mood.

  15. Layla (verified owner)

    My kiddo asked me for a cloak for his 13th birthday, and now he practically lives in it! I love the fact that it has pockets for his phone and keys while he is out catching Pokémon. It looks good, is lightweight for comfortable wear in warm weather, and I really appreciate that it comes in a 42′ length for younger people. Would definitely recommend.

    Men's Hooded Cloaks with POCKETS in Black, Green, Red or Brown
  16. Strider (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE my 52″ Space Wizard Brown cloak! The fabric is both lightweight, yet heavy enough to hang well, and I’m not saying I’m a Space Wizard, but I look pretty bada** when it blows in the wind. Even in the North Texas heat and humidity, it doesn’t make me super hot when wearing it. Yes, I wear it regularly and have received numerous compliments. The pockets are super awesome and thus far not noticeable to friends who I wear it around. Now, I await a wizened old grey wizard to come take me on an adventure, or for a message from a princess pleading for help, because I’m her only hope.

    Men's Hooded Cloaks with POCKETS in Black, Green, Red or Brown
  17. Brian

    High quality craftsmanship, built solidly. The beautiful fabric weight is ideal, resulting in a perfect hang of the cloak on the body, and just the right amount of movement and flow while in motion.

    Hobbit Cloak
  18. Amanda Peters Britton (verified owner)

    The most amazing gift for my son who has asked for a cloak for years!!! Exceptional quality & the fabric drapes beautifully. Big bonus in being machine washable. The pockets are also a big plus – deep but not bulky.

    Men's Hooded Cloaks with POCKETS in Black, Green, Red or Brown
  19. Ruth Murphy

    I bought this cloak for my 15 year old grandson for Christmas. He loves it! He said he loves the way it drapes and really likes having the pockets. Karen at Ravenfox was extremely helpful and made sure we got the right cloak for him. My grandson said he wants a closet full of cloaks, so I’m sure we will be buying more.

  20. Ruma for Nicholas Tenbrink (verified owner)

    I bought this cloak for my hubby so we could match at the Star Wars party! He loved it and instantly saw the advantage of just having one really nice piece of costume clothing for dress-up!!! He had on jeans and a t-shirt underneath, along with an awesome light saber. Again, nobody really noticed he was in street clothes and he felt very comfortable all night. We will use these cloaks for literally everything to do with dress-up and halloween and costume parties. Such a great buy and the quality and pockets are perfect!

  21. Lat (verified owner)

    I love mine! It’s comfortable (not too snug around the neck, like some capes are), sits on my shoulders well, the hood falls back comfortably when it’s not on my head… The pockets are great, and I love that they have snaps.

    The fabric is very comfortable. It’s not as thick or heavy as I was expecting, which I actually really love because I feel like it opens up more seasons for wearing it.

    It’s a lot of fabric, so it drapes well and flows well! I can totally rock the mysterious *swoosh* in this, swirling around my living room. I really like the clasp too.

    I am so happy to have a cloak again!

  22. Vienna (verified owner)

    I dithered about buying this cloak for a while. “Do I really need a cloak?” I asked myself. The answer turned out to be a resounding YES. As soon as I took my cloak out of the box I completely fell in love. I’m quite tall, and was delighted that the 60″ cloak is truly full-length on me, with ample room for wrapping and/or dramatic swooshing, and a large hood perfect for brooding in a tavern corner. I’m so happy I ordered this cloak!! Now if you’ll excuse me… *dramatically swooshes away*

  23. Z.B. (verified owner)

    Amazing! It feels super luxe and it has POCKETS. I just want to dance and spin around wearing this amazing cloak.

    – Z.B.

  24. Allen C. (verified owner)

    I love my cloak!
    (It’s Mine Mine Mine – now)

    It is grade-A quality; out of all of the cloaks I have seen at various shows / conventions, I am glad I held out for one that is premium quality and comfortable to wear.

    -Allen C.

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