Gothic Parasol
Gothic Parasol
Gothic Parasol
Gothic Parasol

Gothic Parasols Pagoda Umbrellas


Gothic Parasols – Exquisite Long-Handle Pagoda Umbrellas in 3 Striking Designs – Black and White, Black and Red, Black and Tiny Polka Dot Trim

Key Features:

  1. Easy Operation: Open and close our pagoda umbrellas with the push of a button, providing gothic parasols for a comfortable stroll.
  2. Sun Protection: Crafted to shield you from harsh sunlight
  3. Versatile Elegance: Perfect for various occasions such as weddings, parties, or enhancing your attire for events.
  4. Light-weight Construction: The smooth material guarantees effective sun protection.
  5. Unique Design, Timeless Charm: Revel in the distinctive design and sophisticated appearance. The gothic colors make this umbrella a charming accessory for photo-worthy moments.

Size: Folded length: 84cm / 32.5 inches, opening diameter: 110cm / 3 ft.

Step out in style and make a statement with our Gothic Parasols – where functionality meets elegance.


1. Petal design, high density waterproof UV protecting pagoda umbrella
2. Unique gothic parasols or pagoda umbrellas design
4. Portable, lightweight and windproof umbrella frame
5. Easy auto open and close with one button
Umbrella cloth material: Impact cloth
Size: Folding length: 84cm, opening diameter: 110cm
Open mode: Manual
Style: Long handle umbrella
Color: White, red, black
Umbrella handle material: Plastic
Number of ribs: 16 bones
Applicable people: Adults
Umbilical material: Steel

Embrace the allure of darkness and elegance with our Gothic Parasol – a captivating accessory that resonates with the mystique of the gothic aesthetic.

🖤 Dramatic Design: Unfold an umbrella that mirrors the shadows of your soul. The black and white / black and red / black and polka dot trim patterns evoke a sense of the dramatic. And the pagoda umbrella form adds a Victorian air.

🌂 Functionality with Flair: Beyond its enchanting exterior, our Gothic Parasols are practical companions. Shield yourself from the harsh sunlight or a light downpour while maintaining an air of mysterious grace.

🦇 Versatility for the Nightlife: Whether you’re wandering through moonlit graveyards or attending a dark masquerade, this parasol is a must-have. It seamlessly blends into the atmosphere, making you a vision of gothic elegance.

📸 Photo-Ready Perfection: Elevate your Instagram game with this unique accessory. The contrast of its design against the darkness provides an excellent backdrop for your gothic attire.

Indulge in our Gothic Parasols – it’s an extension of your dark aesthetic, a statement piece that complements the shadows you cast. Let your style unfurl each time you tote of this bewitching umbrella.

In Victorian times, umbrellas were not merely functional accessories for weather protection; they were symbols of status, fashion, and etiquette. The Victorian era, spanning from the 1830s to the early 1900s, witnessed a transformation in the design, materials, and cultural significance of umbrellas.

Additional information

Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions32.5 × 3 in


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