Velvet Cloaks

In our not so humble opinion, we create some of the most exquisite, sexy black velvet cloaks on the planet. That’s because our cloaks are made of luscious panna velvet. Our unisex velvet cloaks are made from premium quality velvet and thus make you feel and look like you are cloaked in luxury. Additionally, all our cloaks include hidden POCKETS. The high end inky black cloaks have deep interior pockets. Once you put your camera there, it’ll be virtually invisible from the outside.

A few other details. The purple and teal hooded cloaks have a different pocket design. They have side arm slits and two outside side pockets in the seams. These pockets are also good for carrying cameras and other items you would carry in a backpack or a purse.

There are cheap cloaks available in stores, especially around Halloween. But we know some of you want the amazing look and feel of a premium luxury cloak. And make it a long-lasting addition to your wardrobe. That’s what we wanted!

My husband and business partner and I were very particular about the fabric we selected. I wish I could email you sample of this remarkable panna velvet fabric. However, you may be able to discern from our photos and videos on social media how high end it is. Furthermore, we offer a 30-day guarantee of a full refund (minus shipping cost) if you aren’t completed satisfied with the black velvet cloak or any cloak we sell.

Free shipping is included on all our velvet cloaks. Once you order we ship it in 1-2 days, and you receive it in under a week typically. We use USPS Priority 2-3 Day Air, so you get your cloak quickly. We know last-minute costuming needs are real!