Men’s Cloaks

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for premium men’s cloaks. My partner and I noticed that if you want a cloak, the options are limited. We set out to make and stock the best cloak we could, so you can order a cloak and receive it in less than a week. — ‘Cause we know last minute costuming needs are real!
Are you looking for a cloak that isn’t cheap and disposable? We’ve created men’s cloaks with pockets in a premium, machine washable fabric with outstanding drape. It’s all about the DRAPE, baby!
On top of all that, we mail them out in 1-2 days. Thanks to Priority Air Mail, cloaks arrive in well under a week to all parts of the US. (On the West Coast your cloak will arrive in 1-2 days. And 2-3 days to other parts of the country.)

Picking up where I left off — our men’s cloaks are readymade. Thus, once you order you’ll have your hooded cloak in well under a week. In most cases, if you order on a Monday, you’ll have it Wed to Friday. But I want to be careful not to over promise…as much of delivery is out of my hands.

Here some more details about our men’s cloak. We made them minimal and elegant so they can work for different historical times and genres.

The neck closure – an eyelet hook at the neck is subtle. Thus, you can add a decorative cloak brooch and make the cloak look medieval, Renaissance or Hobbity. Really, add accessories and the cloak will morph into that genre. While our cloaks are popular for Halloween costumes, we designed them for cosplay, Renaissance or medieval events, Hobbits, D&D, LARP, pirates, Vikings, as well as gothic or modern witch attire.