Fantasy Cloaks

We at Raven Fox Capes and Cloak set out to design the best sci-fi and fantasy cloak we could. My partner and I noticed that there are lots of cheap cloaks available, especially around Halloween time. But what if you want an elegant, long-lasting cloak? That’s what we wanted.

Raven Fox cloaks are great for a range of genres because of their clean lines. Thus, if you dress up in different costumes throughout the year, you add the accessories you want and the cloak morphs to suit the genre. It works well for Hobbits, Renaissance or medieval, D&D, LARP, pirate, Vikings, Victorian, or royalty. It also works great for gothic or modern witch attire.

We spent months designing the pockets and selecting the fabric for our Raven Fox Cloak. It has POCKETS as well as premium quality, machine washable fabric and a lot of fabric! The luxurious fabrics are soft with remarkable drape. It’s all about the drape, baby! That’s something I like to say, but its’ about the pockets and the whole thing really.

Finally, a few words on shipping. We know when you order from us you may have an event coming up or you may be gifting your cloak soon. Therefore, we ship cloaks in 1-2 days using Priority Air Mail.

People typically their cloaks in under a week. If you are on the West Coast its 1-2 days and if you are in other parts of the country its 2-3 days. I don’t want to over promise as the delivery part is out of our hands. However, we do ship promptly and use a Priority Air Service which is included in the price.