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Students Save 10% off at Raven Fox Capes and Cloaks

Students are often in theater, arts, gaming, or other communities where a cloak is really an asset. Or sometimes you just want a cloak to look sharp. We want to help you acquire a cloak now, for all your cloak friendly activities.

How to Claim the Discount:
Email us a photo of your student ID to claim this discount at info@ravenfoxcapes.com and we’ll send you a discount code. Use the discount at checkout and it will be automatically applied. Only one discount code will be accepted at time of purchase. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Free Shipping Applies, As Well
This discount applies to all items and purchases at the Raven Fox Capes and Cloaks online store. Free standard shipping is offered for all orders over $65 even if you are using a student discount.

Shipping fees will apply if you request priority shipping or are shipping to an address outside of the United States.

What Type of Cloak-Wearer are YOU?

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