Texas Renaissance Faires in 2024

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Renaissance Faire

Renaissance Faires in the State of Texas are serious fun. Not only is Texas home to the biggest Ren Faire in the United States, it also boasts 3-4 other Renaissance Faires, one for each region of the state. In this blog post, we embark on a journey through the various Texas Renaissance Faires and one Celtic festival!, and the unique blends of entertainment and culture. Note this article is updated annually.

1. The Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF), also known as Ren Fest:

Location: Todd Mission, TX, 55 miles northeast from Houston
Dates: Weekends, October 12- December 1, and Thanksgiving Friday, 2024

Texans will be celebrating the 50th Annual Texas Renaissance Festival in 2024! Nestled in the charming town of Todd Mission, the Texas Renaissance Festival is one of the largest Renaissance Faires in the US. Spanning over nine weekends in the fall, the TRF boasts a sprawling 70-acre village, complete with over 400 shops, food vendors, and 21 interactive shows. A half a million guests attend each year! Entertainment ranges from jousting tournaments to a fairy court and magical performances by clowns, jugglers, acrobats, magicians, and birds of prey. After dark, delight in a fire show and Royal Fireworks!

Weddings: Plan your ceremony at the TRF. You can even select a horse drawn carriage or be escorted around the Faire by the King’s royal guard.

Accommodations: the Fields of New Market Campgrounds features 200 acres of meadow for camping, trailers, and RV’s. The website lists local hotels and resorts as well.

Texas Renaissance Faire

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2. Sherwood Forest Faire:

Location: Round Rock, TX, 35 minutes from downtown Austin, Central Texas
Dates: Weekends, March 2 – April 21, 2024, and Friday, March 15

Venture into the heart of Sherwood Forest Faire for a truly whimsical escape. This faire, set in a medieval village, captures the spirit of Robin Hood and Lady Marian.

Relish in the camaraderie of costumed characters, indulge in hearty feasts, and witness live entertainment that includes full contact jousting, falconry, fire juggling, knife throwing, live bands, comedy, sword fighting and a castle siege! Sherwood Forest Faire invites you to embrace your inner adventurer in a woodland setting. The faire also features over 170 artisans offering handcrafted leather, ceramic, metal, glass, wood and costuming items.

Weddings: Packages are available during the Renaissance Faire season.

Renaissance Faire Texas

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3. Scarborough Renaissance Festival:

Location: Waxahachie, TX, 30 miles South of Dallas
Dates: Weekends April 6 – May 27, 2024 and Memorial Day Monday

Transport yourself to the year 1533 at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX. With a focus on historical accuracy, Scarborough boasts an authentic experience set in a recreated 16th Century English village which is celebrating the visit of King Henry VIII, his royal court, and other dignitaries. The event includes artisan demonstrations, themed weekends, and a grand parade. The expansive grounds feature numerous stages, allowing attendees to enjoy a diverse array of performances, from Shakespearean plays to comedic juggling acts.

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4. North Texas Irish Festival:

Location: Fair Park, Dallas
Dates: March 1-3, 2024

The North Texas Irish Festival in Dallas embraces Celtic heritage through traditional Irish music, dance, and cultural exhibits. Attendees can explore the music, dance, Irish food, and a bit of sheepherding, and all things Irish!

Ren Faire Texas

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5. New Braunfels Renaissance Faire

Location: New Braunfels, TX (Between San Antonio and Austin, TX)
Dates: December 8 – 10, 2023 (2024 Dates TBD)

The inaugural Christmas Renaissance Faire took place in December 2023! This family adventure includes Santa Claus and his elves, knights, archery, mermaids and fairies, dragons, feasts and more! You’ll be entertained by archery demonstrations, sword fighting, Viking encampments, sea shanty singing pirates, and Shakespearean stories, as well as a Shakespearean insult contest! Renaissance music, dancing, falconry, jugglers, and lots of Christmas artisans, caroling, and scenes from A Christmas Carol.

Renaissance leather belt

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Texas Renaissance Faires in 2024 allow access to a world of knights, royalty, and fantasy. Whether you find yourself in the grandeur of the Texas Renaissance Festival, the enchanting Sherwood Forest Faire, or the historical Scarborough Renaissance Festival, each promises an unforgettable experience. So, don your finest medieval attire, raise a goblet, and immerse yourself in these timeless celebrations. After all, in the Lone Star State, the allure of the Renaissance lives on in grand style.

Some Texas Renn Fair History:

Personally, I’m curious how some events that we might take for granted today came into being. Texas’ first Renaissance Faire was founded in 1974 by brothers, George and David Coulam, on an abandoned strip-mining site in what is now Todd Mission, Texas. Initially, it spanned fifteen acres, with three stages featuring small theatre groups, and merchants selling their goods on blankets.

Either the brothers were publicity giants, or there was a huge thirst for a Renaissance Faire — as 33,000 people turned out for the inaugural event!

Today the festival sits on 55 acres of land, with 25 stages, 500 costumed actors, and offers 200 acres of camping for attendees. As I mentioned before, 500,000 people attend each year. There are even fireworks each night — the Queen’s Royal Finale — at dusk.


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