When is Hobbit Day? When is Star Trek Day? And Other Dates That Matter

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When is Hobbit Day? When is Star Trek Day? and other Days that matter to Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fans.

Most people know of Star Wars Day thanks to the slogan “May The Force Be with You.” If you are a sci-fi and fantasy fan, you might be delighted to know that there’s a full year’s worth of sci-fi and fantasy days that might catch your interest.

It’s a great way to know what book to read or movie to watch this week. Or you could use these dates to plan get togethers with your sci-fi and fantasy friends.

I believe in giving people what they ask for, therefore:

Here’s a Sci-Fi and Fantasy Calendar with all the dates we could find!

Hobbit Day
Raven Fox Black Hooded Cloak with Pockets on Princess Peach at Silicon San Jose 2021.
February 1Robinson Crusoe DayShouldn't this always be on a Friday?
February 14Pris' Incept DateBlade RunnerBoil some eggs and airbrush your eye shadow
February 14Extraterrestrial Culture DayEstablished by New Mexico's General Assembly in 2003. Proposed by Representative Daniel Foley of Roswell, NM. One might have thought this would be around the beginning of May, you know, in the Area of 5/1.
February 15St. Skeletor's DayFor those who hate love, or at least St. Valentine's day. Begun in 1998 by comedian Richard Herring. Skeletor is an antogonist in the Masters of the Universe franchise
February 24Twin Peaks DayTwin PeaksOn the anniversary of Laura Palmer's Death. Have a slice of cherry pie
February 26Tell A Fairy Tale DayIf you go back to the source materials, this would be a dark and terrifying day. Or stick with the Disney versions and have a lot of fun.
February 27Pokémon DayCelebrate the phenomenon on the anniversary of its first appearance in 1996.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a comedy sci-fi story by Douglas Adams. The Hitchhiker movie (2005) includes Arthur Dent (Martin Freeman), Zaphod Beeblebrox (Sam Rockwell), Trillian (Zooey Deschanel), and Ford Prefect (Mos Def).
March 2Dr. Seuss's BirthdayDr. SeussI am what I am! That’s a great thing to be! If I say so my self, Happy Birthday to me!
March 4Game Master's Appreciation DayGamingBecause without them…
March 6Star Fleet Remembrance DayStar TrekJoin the crew in remembering those who have been lost in the effort for galactic peace and exploration of space. Traditionally recognized by wearing a pin indicating a previous ship you have served on, but short of that, take a moment to remember those who have come before us. Introduced in Strange New Worlds as Stardate 1377.3.
March 11Douglas Adams BirthdayHHGTTGDNA was taken much too soon. I like to think he's up there somewhere with Elvis. There's no better way to celebrate than a party with a group reading of some of his work.
March 14Pi DayCelebrating many people's favorite irrational number, π day (get it? 3.14...) is traditionally celebrated by eating deliciously alliterative pie. Interestingly Pi Day doesn't exist in countries that put the date before the month because April does not have 31 days.
March 15World Contact DayEstablished in 1952 by the International Flying Saucer Bureau
March 18Colonial DayBattlestar GalacticaCommemorating the signing of the Articles of Colonization in the face of Cylon attack.
March 20Hufflepuff Pride DayHarry PotterIt seems appropriate that this house of un-sung heroes should get the first Pride Day each year. You might choose to wear yellow (or maybe your own house color if you're not lucky enough to be Hufflepuff), or maybe just take the opportunity to celebrate the Potter Universe. If you're into the movies, maybe watch Goblet of Fire where a member of Hufflepuff plays a very prominent role.
March 21Purge NightThe PurgeAll crime is legal. Still not convinced this is a good idea. Maybe a good time to clear out the closet? That seems like a safer option.
March 21Slytherin Pride DayHarry Potter
March 22Talk like William Shatner DayStar TrekOn... the... good... captain's birthday.
March 22Gryffindor Pride DayHarry Potter
March 23Ravenclaw Pride DayHarry Potter
March 23Hellboy DayOriginated in 2019 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the creation of Hellboy, and originally recognized with a special 25th anniversary release of the original comic. A great day to revisit some favorite issues.
March 25Tolkien Reading DayLOTRAnniversary of Sauron's defeat. Suggested by newspaper columnist Sean Kirst in 2003
March 26Live Long & Prosper DayStar TrekLeonard Nimoy's Birthday
March 29National Smoke & Mirrors DaymagicCelebrates magicians, origin unkown
Harry Potter Quidditch
Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) playing Quidditch in the fantasy book series Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.
April 5First Contact DayStar TrekCelebrates first contact between Earth and extra-terrestrials (Vulcans) in 2063
April 7Astro Boy's BirthdayGoing strong since 1951!
April 7Internet's BirthdayThe date RFC1 was published in 1969. The RFC1 (Request for Comment 1) memo was the first time the proposal for the standards that would define the Internet were shared.
April 14National Dolphin DayHHGTTGAppreciation and preservation of dolphins, including in media. They're the second smartest life form on the planet, so let's hope they never develop opposable thumbs.
April 23Impossible Astronaut DayDoctor WhoDate of airing of the first episode of series (or "season") 6: The Impossible Astronaut. Celebrate by drawing tallymarks on your skin, and pretending they're not there
April 23Shakespeare Day / Talk like Shakspeare DayShakespeare's Birthday
April 26Alien DayCelebrate all things Alien (as in the Alien film franchise). This date was chosen as a reference to LV-426, the moon where humans encounter Xenomorphs
April 28Superhero DayMultipleI was always told that every day is "Superhero Day," but I suppose it's prudent to show appreciation for those living among us who can leap tall buildings with a single bound, melt steal with their eyes, call lightning to earth using a hammer, or have so much money they can make a super-powerful suit of iron or such a collection of gadgets, body armor and vehicles that they're virtually invincible.
Yoda Star Wars
Yoda of the Star Wars universe, first appeared in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back. He is powerful with the Force and served as Grandmaster of the Jedi Order.
May 1MerMayMultipleMerMay is a month-long celebration of creativity, community and above all… MERMAIDS
May 2International Harry Potter DayHarry PotterDeclared by (muggle) Prime Minister David Cameron in 2012. Anniversary of the battle of Hogwarts in 1998
May 4Science Fiction DayAnother accepted birthdate of Isaac Asimov (no one is sure whether that's actually the day he was born)
May 4Star Wars DayStar WarsMay-the-fourth be with you
May 4Anniversary of the Battle of New YorkMarvelOne suspects that in-Universe, this is a day more like 9/11 than any sort of celebration. Fortunately, we're not actually in a Universe where a finger-snap could do just about anything. So Avengers fans, this is your day to enjoy some Shwarma and maybe watch a particular movie.
May 6Revenge of the 6thStar WarsMore Star Wars celebration, this time with a sith-twist
May 7Free Comic Book Day*Participating comic-book stores only.
May 9Goku DayDragon Ball ZChosen because 5 and 9 read as Go and Ku in Japanese
May 10Whacking DaySimpsonsSnakes beware
May 13Piccolo DayDragon Ball ZOriginally celebrated on May 9th (see Goku Day), it is believed this day – which celebrates the day that King Piccolo declares his ruling of Earth – was changed to the 13th because the number 9 is considered unlucky in Japan.
May 14Black Fae DayPromoting positive representation of Black people in mainstream media, particularly in Fantasy. Celebrate by frolicking in pastels, meadows, and creeks (or however you feel is appropriate if "frolicking" really isn't your thing. Though you should probably examine that a bit). BlackFaeDay.com
May 21National Talk Like Yoda DayStar WarsRelease of "The Empire Strikes Back" this celebrates
May 22World Goth DayYou know who you are, and we're there for you.
May 25Towel DayHHGTTGSomething, something hoopy frood.... Originated as a tribute two-weeks after the death of Douglas Adams in 2001.
May 25Geek Pride DayStar WarsComes with a bill of rights. Celebrated on the anniversary of the release of Star Wars, geeks are just people with a passion about something. Maybe it's food, or cars, or science fantasy films. It's all good. Be proud.
May 27Black MerMay DayCreated in 2021 partly in response to the loss of Black life to drowning, Black MerMay Day is intended to celebrate the place of water in Black culture, and to encourage swimming education. It’s also a day to don your favorite tiara, crown, carefully-placed clamshells and, of course, tail-like attire to celebrate the glorious mer-person you are!
Captain Picard Day
While there is some debate about the date, fans have celebrated Captain Picard Day on June 16th of each year. That date is equivalent to stardate 47457.1, which is mentioned in the episode "The Pegasus".
June 4National Tabletop DayGamingCelebrate Gaming
June 8Ghostbusters DayGhostbusters
June 16Captain Picard DayStar TrekCalculated from stardate 47457.1 in TNG episode The Pegasus
June 24Midsummertraditional
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland has inspired many adaptations over the years, for example, Disney's Classic Animation version (on the left) and Tim Burton Live Action (on the right.)
July 1International Zine MonthCelebrating independent publishers. There are zines for just about every topic, but they have been huge in the science-fiction fantasy realm. The first science fiction zine was published in 1930. Zines (formerly "fanzines") were huge in Star Trek fandom in the '70s. The number of erotic Star Trek fanzines alone is much larger than anyone would expect.
July 2World UFO DayAnniversary of the 1947 Roswell incident
July 4Alice in Wonderland DayAlice in WonderlandLewis Carroll's birthday
July 8National Video Game DayGaming
July 13Embrace your Geekness DayGeekness is having a moment -- and has been for more than a decade now. This brings much joy to the heart of those of us who bore the epithet of "Star Wars Freak," back in the day.
July 31Harry Potter's BirthdayHarry PotterMake a cake and sit on it -- but don't misspell anything! That wouldn't be right.
Lando in smoky room
Lando Calrissian played by Donald Glover in Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018).
August 1Spider-man DayMarvelSpider-man Day, Spider-man Day. Do whatever you want to do on Spider-man Day. Bake a cake, climb a tree...
August 1Comic-ConAnniversary of the first Comic-Con in 1970
August 41984 Day1984A doubleplusgood day to celebrate fascist dystopia!
August 6Sailor Moon DaySelected in honor of Mamoru's birthday. Celebrate with a Sailor Moon marathon!
August 12Federation DayStar TrekStar Trek's Independence Day
August 19Gene Roddenberry's BirthdayStar TrekOne can't help but wonder if "Hatching Day" is more appropriate for the Great Bird of the Galaxy. Either way, this is a day to celebrate the father of Star Trek and much more.
August 26International Cosplay DayOr you could turn this around and say that every OTHER day is when you are cosplaying as a normal, responsible member of society, and that Cosplay Day is the time you dress as you really are.
August 29Judgment DayTerminatorDate of the (thankfully fictional) nuclear holocaust in 1997
August 30Frankenstein DayFrankenstein
September 2National Cinema DayIntroduced in 2022, this holiday features low-cost tickets in an effort to get folks back to theaters after the Pandemic. This is the Saturday before Labor Day, which is traditionally a slow weekend for movies.
September 8Star Trek DayStar TrekAnniversary of premier in 1966
September 16Batman DayDCBegun in 2014 with a date to coincide with San Diego Comic-Con - Batman's 75th anniversary
September 17Optimus Prime DayTransformersNot to be confused with Amazon Prime Day.
September 19Talk Like a Pirate DayBegun as a joke in 1995, but has become quite serious indeed. Matey.
September 20Unification DayFireflyNow might be a good time to find yourself in a dive bar wearing a brown coat and a large chip on your shoulder or looking for someone wearing a brown coat with a large chip on their shoulder, I suppose if you're on the other side.
September 22J.R.R. Tolkien DayLOTRTolkien's birthday (1892)
September 22National Hobbit DayLOTRAnniversary of the release of The Hobbit
September 22Chainmail Day
September 24National Ghost Hunting DayFounded by a ghost-tour company to kick off the season haunted attractions & fall festivals
Back to the Future
Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) jumped ahead to the future which is now the past but was the future when the past was the present. Anyway, celebrate their jump on October 21.
October 6National Mad Hatter DayAlice in WonderlandA tea party is the obvious way to celebrate, but when did the Mad Hatter ever do the obvious thing? Still, a tea party is a really good idea for this one.
October 12Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy DayHHGTTGDate the first novel was published in 1979
October 15National Costume Swap DayThose old costumes you didn't get rid of on Purge Night (March 21)? You can exchange them with friends to try something new this year.
October 18Jayne DayFireflyRaise one to the Hero of Canton. I'm suggesting beer, wine or a cocktail on this one. That mudder's milk does NOT look appetizing. Maybe a good day to share ill-begoten gains with the downtrodden (or any gains regardless of how they were begotten).
October 21Back to the Future DayBttFThe day Marty and Doc Brown jumped to in 2015, which used to be the future.
October 26Worldwide Howl at the Moon NightHowl at the moon to celebrate the macabre -- and wolves. Do not underestimate the restorative power of a good howl or two. Also do not overestimate the patience of your neighbors.
October 27Frankenstein FridayFrankensteinCelebration of the book, the author & the characters -- chosen to be a Friday for the alliteration
October 31Magic DaymagicTakes place during Magic Week
Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther
Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Photo Credit: Marvel Studios/Disney
November 3Godzilla DayCelebrate the big guy on the anniversary of the release of his very first movie in 1954.
November 5Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons DayGamingOther D&D dates in different countries
November 6Stranger Things DayRecognizing the date Will Byers first disappears to kick off the series. In season 4 we learn a lot more about that day.
November 17Life DayStar WarsIntroduced in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special then entering canon through a mention on Starwars.com and finally on-screen in the Mandalorian.
November 18Mickey Mouse DayDisneyCommemorates the release of Steamboat Willy on November 18, 1928
November 18National Princess DayMultipleThis celebration is for all princesses, but who are we kidding. These days you say "princess," you think "Disney." So here's to (here we go…) Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, Tiana, Mulan, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Elsa, Merida, Moana, Leia, Shuri (I'm sure I'm missing some -- Vanellope maybe?).
November 23Tardis DayDoctor WhoCan you have a set day that celebrates a time-traveling spaceship?
November 29Chadwick Boseman DayMarvelCelebrate the life and work of actor Chadwick Boseman (Wakanda Forever)
The Grinch
The Grinch (2018) movie presented by Illumination and Universal Pictures is based on the children's holiday classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1957) by Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel.
December 5International Ninja DayCreated by Ninja Burger, this is a day to celebrate the fun side of being a Ninja. 12/5 was the release date of The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise
December 6Walt Disney DayDisneyCelebrate the creator of the House of Mouse around his Birthday (12/5/1901)
December 8Pretend to be a Time Traveler DayMultipleDust off your anachronisms…
December 9GrinchfestDr. SeussAll the Whos down in Whoville like Grinchfest a lot, but the Grinch, who lives just north of Whoville… likes it even more!
December 20Games DayGamingCelebrate games - video games, board games, role playing games, card games… Grew out of a British gaming convention that began in 1975
December 21International Dalek Remembrance DayDoctor WhoCelebrates the best known antagonists of the Doctor Who franchise. Exterminate!
December 21Phileas Fogg Wager DayJules VerneCommemorates the day Phileas Fogg must make it around the world to win his wager
December 28Stan Lee's BirthdayMarvelCelebrate this versatile actor who appeared in more than 20 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Oh, yeah, I think he had something to do with some writing stuff too.
Celebrate Dragons, Buffy and Roy. Bonus if you can identify the pictured dragon
(hint: think about 30 years before Drogon lit up the screen).
January 2Science Fiction DayAn accepted date of Isaac Asimov's birth
January 8Roy Batty Inception DateBlade RunnerCelebrate the replicant before he watched C-beams glitter in the dark
January 12Feast of Fabulous Wild Men DayMultiple"Wild men" appear in LOTR, Game of Thrones, and other fantasy works
January 16Appreciate a Dragon DayMultipleCreated in 2004 by Author Donita K. Paul promoting her novel "DragonSpell," whether you're appreciating Regidor, Drogon, Smaug, Shenron, Dragonite, Mushu, Toothless, Vermithrax Pejorative, Norberta, Ramoth, Saphira, Puff, or even taking a trip to Pulau Komodo, do it with the gusto they deserve.
January 19Brew a Potion DayMultipleA great time to whip up the devilishly difficult Felix Felicis, a draught of living death, or maybe just a nice cup of tea or a cocktail. No silly wand waving required.
January 19Buffy Summer's BirthdayBuffy the Vampire SlayerSo many ways to celebrate the Slayer's birthday
January 25Winter-een-masGamingCelebrate video games. Created by the comic strip Ctrl+Alt+Del. Winter-een-mas is always the last seven days of January.
January 31Gorilla Suit DayNeeds no explanation, though how they get the gorillas to wear suits (to say nothing of where they get the suits).... Oh, wait. I see. Put on a gorilla suit and have fun!

We’d love to make this a comprehensive list. Wait, it is a comprehensive list!

If you have other sci-fi and fantasy fan dates like Hobbit Day and Star Trek Day to suggest, please comment below.

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