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If you are searching for a “Renaissance Faire near me,” you’ve come to the right place. Your local Renaissance Faire is likely to be fantastic, wonderful, and unforgettable!

The following list focuses on some of the biggest Renaissance Festivals around the United States. You’re likely to see some of the best Renaissance entertainers, a myriad of costumes, theme days, and a wide array of vendors if you venture to one of these larger Renaissance Faires. A few of these events have permanent and highly beautiful venues.

All these Ren Faires have websites for the dates, hours, ticketing, parking, rules, entertainment and what to expect. The links are included for the “Renaissance Faire near me.” You can also read guest reviews for more about highlights and favorite features.

Renaissance Festival

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Arizona Renaissance Festival

Location: Gold Canyon, Arizona (outside Phoenix)
Dates: February and March
Website: Arizona Renaissance Festival

Ren Faire fans take note, this one of the earliest ren faires in the year if you can’t wait to don your Ren Faire garb! Held at a recreated 50-acre Tudor village, this daylong family adventure features a 16-stage theater, 30-acre circus, and an arts and crafts fair with 200 vendors and a jousting tournament held three times daily. One fan said the bird show, fire whip, fire eating and jousting were their favs.

There are demonstrations of time honored crafts such as weaving, jewelry making, glass blowing, blacksmithing and pottery throwing. 

Arizona Ren Faire holds multiple themed weekends such as Renaissance & Romance, Royalty, Pirates and Brews, Time Travelers, Wizards and Wonder, and Comedy. Also, you can host a party or a wedding at the event. Fans can also buy a ticket for the The Pleasure Feast, an all you can eat, five course medieval feast with live music and comedy entertainment. Reservations recommended.

Oh, and you can bring your dog…see details on the website.

Wisconsin Renaissance Faire —
Bristol Renaissance Faire

Location: Kenosha, WI
(Border of Wisconsin and Illinois, in proximity to Chicago)
Dates: Early July through Labor Day
Website: Bristol Renaissance Faire

The Bristol Renaissance Faire is held in a 30-acre Renaissance village. It recreates a visit by Queen Elizabeth 1 to the English port city of Bristol in 1574. The grounds are beautiful – lots of trees and flowers everywhere – and plenty of fun shows to watch, with the jousting being many people’s favorite. More than 200 artisans are set up in shops to sell their wares, including jewelry, pottery, tapestries, pewter and crafted leather.


Ren Fair

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Carolina Renaissance Festival

Location: Huntersville, North Carolina
Dates: First weekend of October to end of November
Website: Carolina Renaissance Festival

Watch knights battle for the Queen’s favor in a Renaissance-era jousting tournament at the annual Carolina Renaissance Festival. More than 500 costumed “villagers” roam the grounds providing entertainment for all. Be awed by the ancient art of falconry. Witness the skills of a variety of raptors that captured the hearts and minds of nobles long ago and became the sport of kings.

In the grotto you and your kids can watch the mermaids or sea fairies do underwater flips, blow bubble hearts, and splash their tails. As for rides, you’ll get to spin in Da Vinci’s flying machine and ride the (alleged) largest rocking horse in the world. It sounds like unending fun!


Colorado Renaissance Festival

Location: Larkspur, Colorado (39 miles south of Denver)
Dates: Weekends from mid-June to early August
Website: Colorado Renaissance Festival

Made to resemble a 16th-century English village, the Colorado Renaissance Festival offers multiple stages, a cast of 100’s of costumed members, medieval music and jousting 3x’s a day.

One thing we appreciate at the CO Ren fair is that they rent costumes! For first timers and others, renting a costume makes it so much easier.


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Georgia Renaissance Festival

Location:near Fairburn, GA
Weekends mid-April to early June
Georgia Renaissance Festival

Watch multiple musical groups perform including Celtic heavy metal group Rota Temporis. In addition to live music, this festival also features a raptor’s show, comedic storytelling, pub crawl, King Henry VIII and Lady Catherine, and a lively Jousting Tournament. You might also get to rub elbows with a crew of female pirates or attend the free juggling school.




Massachusetts Renaissance Festival — King Richard’s Faire

Carver, MA
Dates: Weekends from September to October
Website: King Richard’s Faire

At King Richard’s Faire in Carver, MA you’ll find some unique and humorous contests and themes such as a Cleavage Contest and Men in Kilt’s Contest! Additionally, other themes are Vow Renewal, Salute to Safety (celebrating veterans), Warriors, Fandom and Fantasy, and Gamers, Myths and Legends. Hundreds are drawn to the 80-acre site to see knights battle, beggars compete in mud, and a spectacular acrobatic show.


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Maryland Renaissance Festival

Location: Crownsville, Maryland
Dates: Specific weekends from August to October
Website:  Maryland Renaissance Festival

Stroll through Valley Meade, Kenwood Lane, White Stag Grove, King’s Field, Kenwood Lane, Meadow Lane and Mary’s Dale Way. Sample tasty food like smoked turkey legs, friar’s fritters, meat pie on a stick, peasant bread, king’s dogs and many more delicious delights.


Oklahoma Medieval Fair — Medieval Fair of Norman

Location: Norman, Oklahoma
Dates: First weekend of April
Website: Medieval Fair of Norman

While this Medieval fair isn’t as well known as the others, it’s unique because there is no entrance fee, though there is a $10 parking fee. That’s impressive considering this is Oklahoma’s largest weekend event.

As the Medieval Fair of Norman is a medieval festival and not a renaissance festival, you can expect many differences.  For example, the year is 1360 in Avalon England near Glastonbury Abbey. King Edward III and Queen Philippa have decided to visit the town of Avalon’s first market fair of spring. The black plague is believed to be gone and England has just signed the treaty of Bretigny with France after 20 years of war. So there is ample cause for celebration.

Prepare for jousting, play a human chess game, catch short plays and be mesmerized by talented jugglers. A marketplace of handcrafts and delicious foods are available.


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Michigan Renaissance Festival

Location: Holly, Michigan
Dates: Weekends August through October
Website: Michigan Renaissance Festival.

Walk the magical 16th Century town of Hollygrove and take in the seventeen stages with magicians, jugglers, musicians and jousters keep people coming back to this fun event. More than 100 independent vendors sell their crafts at the marketplace.

Other highlights include the pub crawl, pony ride, feasting at The Feast of Fantasy, and a birds of prey show.

And you can bring your dog, though note the best time for canine companions is the Pirate and Pups weekend. To bring your dog, pay the fee and register on the website.


Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Location: Shakopee, Minnesota
Dates: Weekends from the end of August to October
Website: Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Witness intense live armored jousting! Minnesota takes their jousting seriously! Minnesota or Texas are now hosts to the largest Renaissance Festival in the US. They both claim to be the largest it appears.

Recreating a 16th-century English village, the event includes comedy shows, plays, interactive contests and a food festival. There are also 250 artisans, wedding packages, and a multiple course feast with a comedy show. The themed weekends include Once Upon a Time, Highland Fling, Wine, Chocolate and Romance, Woofstock, Middle Eastern Bazaar, Shamrocks and Shenanigans, and Oktoberfest.


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New York Renaissance Faire

Location: Tuxedo Park, New York (off NY State Hwy. 17A)
Dates: Weekends from late August to early October
Website: New York Renaissance Faire

The New York Renaissance Faire gets high marks for ambiance. It’s located on a beautiful former botanical garden and forest. Nestled in the groves of Sterling Forest, the festival is a full-on experience of Elizabethan England, complete with 16th-century games, rides, arts, crafts, food, music and dance. Additionally, there are themed weekends like pirate and time traveler.

There are 100 shops in the marketplace, from candle making to wooden swords, medieval clothing, and fresh olive oil. There are many games to play such as ax throwing, archery, and throwing tomatoes at a man whose job it is to insult you! (That’s what one reviewer said.) And there are children’s games as well. The fair celebrated its 45th year in 2022, and the event just gets better and better each year.



Northern California Renaissance Faire

Location: Hollister, CA (near Gilroy)
Dates: Weekends from the second week of September to mid-October
Website: Northern California Renaissance Faire

Travelers will find endless entertainment at the Norcal Renn Faire each Fall. The Queen’s Band and other musicians fill the streets of Willingtown with Elizabethan pageantry and revelry. You can count on a championship joust, delicious fare and ales, and an artisan marketplace. The faire also has themed weekends, including Pirate Invasion, Heroes and Villains, Octoberfest, Carnevale and Masquerade, and Halloween!
Interested in Renaissance Festivals in CA, they are all listed here.
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Ohio Renaissance Festival

Location: Harveysburg, Ohio
Dates: Early September to the end of October
Website: Ohio Renaissance Festival

Ohio Renaissance Festival is situated in 16th-century English village of 30 acres where guests can rub elbows with Queen Elizabeth and over 150 costumed characters. There are multiple themed weekends. In addition to fantasy, pirate and time travel weekends, there are also unique themes like Viking, Highland, Romance, Feast of Fools, and Trick or Treat. Don’t miss the fire-eating show, said multiple guest reviewers.


Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Location: Manheim, Pennsylvania
Dates: Weekends end of August to the end of October
Website: Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Expect beer tastings, fire dancers and stage shows galore.  You’ll get to explore the 35 acre Mount Hope Estate, normally called the Shire.

Interact with the costumed characters, get some unique handcrafts and dig your teeth into the seriously delicious food.

And you can bring your dog, though tickets and rules apply.


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Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California

Location: Irwindale, California (near Pasadena)
Dates: Weekends from the beginning of April to the end of May
Website: The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire

The Renaissance festival that started them ALL way back in the 1960’s. This Southern California festival runs for several weekends and includes themed weekends like Pirate Weekend, RennCon (a celebration of all cosplays including sci-fi, fantasy, anime, comics, television, and fairy tales), Gnome Weekend, and Pub Crawl weekend. Some theme weekends like Pirate Weekend include a pirate costume contest. If you are wondering about the pub crawl, it’s is a loud and lusty event that takes you to four different fine taverns and public houses. Be filled with merriment at the most bodacious songs, jests, and stories, the humble shire has to offer.


Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Location: Waxahachie, TX (South of Dallas)
Dates: April through the end of May
Scarborough Renaissance Festival 

Watch performers Don Juan and Miguel sword fight. Be enchanted by dragons, high flying acrobats, sword swallowers, and other talented performers. During the Spring Renaissance Festival season, couples can be married in the picturesque Scarborough wedding garden.


green cloak

Sometimes fairies want cloaks too. Especially fun swooshy ones.



Texas Renaissance Festival

Location: Todd Mission, TX (NW of Houston)
Dates: 8 weekends, October through November
Texas Renaissance Festival

At the Texas Renaissance Festival you can take part of 8 themed weekends, including The Queen’s Birthday, 1001 Fairy Dreams, Oktoberfest, All Hallows Eve, Pirate Adventure, Barbarian Invasion, Highland Fling and Celtic Christmas. We recommend the Fire Whip Show lead by the award-winning Adam. Don’t miss the high-energy whip routines along with ballon popping and knife throwing.

There are 77 acres of historic and magical entertainment from knights jousting on their mighty steeds to the ethereal fairy court. You can even get married or renew your vows at this magnificent location.


Typical Ren Faire Rules and Policies

Rules and policies vary from event to event. Each Ren Festival has a FAQ page that answers the following types of questions.

Here are the typical Ren Fair FAQ questions:

Do I need cash or are credit cards accepted?
Can I bring food and/ or water?
Is parking free or paid?
Can I bring a weapon? Or a fake weapon?
Do I need a costume for the Renaissance Faire? (on our Raven Fox site)
Can I dress like a pirate or wear a fantasy costume for Ren Faire? (on our Raven Fox site)
Can I rent a costume at the faire?
Can I bring my dog or pet?
How to wear a cloak? (on our Raven Fox site)

Please check the website, and have a fabulous Ren Faire weekend!!

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