12 DnD Gifts for Dungeons and Dragons Players

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Dungeon and Dragons

When you are looking for a gift for your favorite Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) player, it’s not like you can walk into your local big box store and find the perfect gift. In fact, you’d be very lucky if your town or city has a single board game store. That’s why we created a list of cool DnD gifts from online shops, so you can please yourself and your friends and family.

Dice and Accessories

Dice are the one essential thing you need to play DnD, aside from a pencil and paper which are so basic they barely count. Dice are a perfect D&D gift as you really can’t have too many. Many, many players are enamored of dice and amass large collection. Raise your hands, you know who you are!

  1. Thornhill Gaming carries handmade Table Top Role Playing Game (TTRPG) accessories such as dice, dice towers, dungeon master screens, dice vaults, and more. In their shop you can shop for dice by color; there are 9 different colors as well as a beautiful rainbow palette. A portion of the proceeds from all the rainbow colored dice and accessories go to LBGTQ charities. The owners at Thornhill Gaming are passionate gamers themselves and use their own products in weekly gaming.

DnD Gifts

2. Games By Bee makes playful and fun matching rolling trays and dice bags by hand in NYC! You’ll find a myriad of fabrics and designs as well as large and small options. You can also place custom orders and personalize your rolling tray and dice bag. Finally, she makes an array of Pride patches for DnD, TTRPG and role playing peeps that can be added to bags and backpacks.

Dice Tray and Dice Bag

3. Keep track of your spell slots in style with this scroll themed spell tracker by ArrowRoadCreations. This one of a kind set features dwarven runes, or elven script, laid out over an open scroll. There is a hidden compartment for storing unused tracking tokens.

Scroll Spell Tracker


4. You can pick out a punny, cute, or cool DnD teeshirt for your D&D gamer from a great selection at GemmedFirefly. In fact, this website and products get two big thumbs up, as their teeshirts are so fun, and a whole lot of other adjectives thrown in. Also, when you buy from them, a portion goes to charity. They list the charities they support on their website.

D&D Teeshirts

For the non-gamers reading this, some gamers are into the analytic side of D&D and others are more interested in the fantastical, theatrical world i.e. costuming. The latter would love a fantasy cloak to wrap themselves in, establish their credibility as Dungeon Master, or impress their DnD friends.

5. Raven Fox Capes and Cloaks makes high quality hooded cloaks especially for fantasy and sci-fi people. Their cloaks include deep pockets to stow your dice, as well as lined hoods and a minimalist clasp. They are even machine washable which is ideal for the person who wears their cloak regularly and might occasionally spill their beer. Unlike the cheap cloaks found at Halloween, these cloaks are durable and will be a part of your wardrobe for years to come.

Hooded Cloak Black


Relaxation and Self-Care

6. The creator at Delve Candles creates her handmade DnD candles to add another dimension to the experience of Table Top Role Playing Games (TTRPG). The candle scents evoke moods and settings that match those of adventuring parties, for example, exploring desolate ruins, searching dusty tomes for long-forgotten secrets, or adventuring on the high seas. Add scents to elevate and enhance the mood at your next table top gaming session!

7. Our friends over at Thornhill Gaming also make these drool-worthy Dice Bath Bombs in a variety of brilliant colors and scents. Their generous bath bombs are about 4 inches across and each contains a set of mystery dice. Each bomb is beautifully dusted with a color that matches the possible dice colors inside. Valentine’s Day gifts, people!

D&D Gifts

Paper Goods and Pencils

8. Your friends will be delighted by this set of natural cedar wood DnD pencils and case which includes 13 different character classes each printed with a unique fonts. Includes: Wizard, Druid, Barbarian, Monk, Warlock, Artificer, Bard, Rogue, Ranger, Fighter, Paladin, Cleric and Sorcerer. The pencils are made in the USA from sustained yield forests. Best of all, the set comes in a graphically interesting box that is perfect for gifting.

D&D Gifts


9. The gamers at The Rook and The Raven make ready to ship and custom notebooks especially for gamers. The notebooks are portable, easy to organize, and aesthetically pleasing. No more digging through piles of paper and not being able to find your own notes. For example, the Mischief and Misadventure Campaign Diary consists of character sheets which a section to list your spells. If you take a lot of session notes, there are pages for those too. Finally, there are blank spaces too for sketching things that matter to your character.

Campaign Diary


10. The Grim Menagerie makes extraordinary hand printed gift wraps, including a couple of dragon gift wraps like the one pictured below. Sometimes the occasion or the gift is so special it really calls out for hand printed DnD themed gift wrap. The lucky friend or loved one has only to take one look to know that the gift has been wrapped with extra care.

D&D Gift

Dungeons and Dragons Home Décor

11. Dog Might is known for creating carved Dragon Master screens. The ready made and custom screens are made out of hardwoods and attached horizontally with magnets to make them easy to stack when not in use. Mostly, these centerpieces are designed to instill AWE in your fellow players during gaming sessions.

12. Dwarven Forge produces the world’s best hand-crafted, hand-painted, gaming terrain. That means dungeons, caverns, villages, wilderness, castles, minis, and more to set up in your home and reassemble at will. Perfect for your Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), wargaming, Warhammer, Frostgrave, and other TTRPG games.

We hope we’ve given you some great ideas for fun and functional gifts for your DnD player. If you have more ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments and we might add them into this list.

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