How to Build Your DREAM Wardrobe

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I enjoy clothing a great deal and always have, even as a young child. The following are my thoughts on envisioning and sourcing a dream wardrobe.

I think of a wardrobe as something to be built over time, not purchased all at once. I replace key pieces as needed. Usually, I know of 1-3 things my wardrobe needs because that item is wearing out, or I had a certain something to attend and couldn’t come up with an outfit that pleased me.

Once I actually got a book out from the library which lists basic items to have in one’s wardrobe and another on fashion styles…both were totally fun. And these days, there’s YouTube if you’d rather watch a video about wardrobe creation, basics, and fashion styles.

It is helpful to think about your activities and note when you struggle to put together an outfit. Do you have outfits for weekends, travel, a museum day, holidays, and being glam but comfy lounging at home…if you are reading this you might!

build a dream wardrobe

Raven Fox Customer in 52″ Green Cloak for Women with hand carved plague doctor pendant.

New, Thrifted, and Swapped Clothes

This might sound a little unusual coming from a person who owns an apparel company, but my own “dream” wardrobe is a combo of new, thrifted, and gifts from or swaps with friends and family.

The thrift shopping started for me as a teen. I like unusual things, like cloaks! I like vintage clothes. So thrift shopping was a natural fit.

Then I choose to be an artist and spent all my extra money on art supplies, so I continued to thrift shop. Then I became a parent, so I continued to thrift as I didn’t have a clothes budget per se. Thrifting became a way of life for me, that is now reinforced by my neighborhood where many people thrift and or give things away in a Buy Nothing group.

Frankly, because I’m into clothes, I seem to attract clothes. I can’t tell you how often as a young person, other people gave me clothes that didn’t work on them but thought I’d like. And it continues to happen to me. I continue to receive new or used clothes from friends and family.

Items I know I’ll wear a lot or want high quality, I’ll save for and buy. And I typically buy myself a birthday or Christmas gift or two 🙂

I often ask for something beautiful for the holidays like boots, a wool or cashmere sweater, or a coat. I know I should say “cloak” here, but I want to be truthful. And I’m not talking name brands but things that are durable and well made.

how to build a dream wardrobe

Portia, 5’4″ with high heels in our 42″ Noir Black Cloak. Zia, 5’7″ in the same 42″ cloak.

Here some solid tips on building your dream wardrobe:

  1. What do you love in your current wardrobe? How would you define your style? Hopefully all the clues you need to your style are in your closet. If not, you want to look at what others are wearing, and review style sources online. It’s fine to mix styles or embrace hybrid styles.
  2. Look at a basics list and your closet. Which basics could really help you complete outfits? Think of basics as the foundation of your wardrobe. Attention here could make it easier to get dress and add to your pleasure in your wardrobe.
  3. Hold onto the items you are ambivalent about and wear them for a day. What is it about this garment you like and dislike? Do you love the fabric, but hate the fit, or the other way around?
  4. Contemplate including pieces that are versatile and work with other pieces.
  5. Keep your life goals in mind. What current activities or future activities are you dressing for?
  6. Gradually add great accessories, such as shoes, purses, hats (one of my favs), jewelry and of course, a cloak.
  7. Tune in to what makes you feel confident! 


black velvet cloaks for holidays

Stacy, Charlotte and Carly, in our Extreme Black Velvet Cloak. A perfect addition for your holiday attire.

So with the holiday’s around the corner. I thought I share these wardrobe ideas.

— Buy or thrift some high quality things to give your wardrobe long lasting, beautiful highlights.

— Include a special wardrobe item on your gift list if you exchange lists with family or friends. Depending on the price or the budget, it could be purchased by a pool of people.

— Buy yourself a gift when you shop for others, then you are sure to get something you like. Give to yourself. (But stay within your means, because none of us needs more stress.)

Of course, I’d love you to add a cloak to your wardrobe. But that’s why you are here, isn’t it?!

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