Top 10 D&D Cloaks in D&D5e

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The rich history of the D&D cloak dates back to the earliest days of the game. After all, Dungeon and Dragons got its start as a Lord of the Rings role playing game with dwarfs, elves, trolls, orcs, wizards, sorcerers, and gnomes. Of course, cloaks with hoods, as well as swords, knives, boots, and pouches and much more are all part of this magical medieval genre.

Today in Dungeon and Dragons 5e, 11 cloaks with hoods are officially recognized in the game and 5 of them command places of honor. D&D players know these are magic items that improve your strength, stealth, and abilities. These top 10 cloaks are:

1. Cloak of Arachnida

Wondrous Item, very rare (requires attunement)

This black cloak of silk is embedded with tiny silver threads. Wearing the hooded cloak gives you spider-like qualities that allow you to go anywhere a spider can such as up, down, or across the ceiling. You will be resistant to poison and be able to pass through webs. You can also cast the web spell and create a web twice as big as usual when wearing the Cloak of Arachnida.

Notes: Resistance: Poison, Set: Innate Speed (Climbing), Control, Buff, Movement, Warding, Outerwear

D&D Cloak

Cloak of Displacement, Credit to D&D Beyond

2. Cloak of Displacement

Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement)

This cloak disguises (or cloaks) your exact location. The illusion makes it appear as if you are near but not exactly where you are standing. If you are injured, the illusion is broken until your next turn. Also, the illusion doesn’t function if you are unable to move due to injury or restraints.

Notes: Disadvantage: Attack Rolls Against You, Deception, Warding, Outerwear

D&D Cloak

Cloak of Elvenkind, Credit to D&D Beyond

3. Cloak of Elvenkind 

Wondrous Item, uncommon (requires attunement) 

This cloak bestows two gifts to its wearer: Wisdom (Perception) and Dexterity (Stealth)

With the hood up your hearing is heightened as is your ability to detect things in a variety of ways. For example, you might hear talking through a door or hear an animal passing through the forest nearby and the like. Also, while wearing the cloak with the hood up you are camouflaged by its shifts in color and better able to stay hidden. Note that moving the hood up or down requires an action.

Notes: Advantage: Stealth, Deception, Outerwear

D&D Cloak

Cloak of Protection 5e, Credit to D&D Beyond

4. Cloak of Protection

Wondrous Item, uncommon (requires attunement) 

The Cloak of Protection or Protection Cloak offers its wearer limited magical protection from the weather, as well as attacks and magic. It has similar enchantments and magical protection as the Ring of Protection. The two can be worn together.

Notes: Bonus: Armor Class, Bonus: Saving Throws, Warding, Outerwear

5. Cloak of Bat

Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement)

This cloak allows you to fly but only in dim light or darkness. By gripping the edges of the cloak with both hands you can fly 40 feet. However, if you let go of the edges of the cloak or move into light, you instantly lose your flying speed.

Amazingly, you can also transform into a bat but again only in dim light or darkness. As a bat, you maintain all your human intelligence and D&D scores for intelligence, wisdom and charisma. Also, this hooded cloak can only be used once in 24 hours.

Notes: Advantage: Stealth, Set: Innate Speed (Flying), Movement, Shape changing, Deception, Outerwear

Additional D&D Cloaks from 5e 

6. Cloak of Billowing

Wondrous Item, common

This cloak makes me think of what cloaks typically do – billow in the wind. This is what a lot of people love about cloaks —  their drape, shape and color and how they look in the the wind. This magical cloak billows dramatically at its owner command. Does this billowing serve a purpose? It might if you need to make yourself more visible and important. And perhaps it’s obvious, but this cloak is the opposite of the Cloak of Invisibility.

Men's Hooded cloak

Raven Fox Premium Matte Hooded Cloak with POCKETS in Ranger Green with lined hood and pockets

7. Cloak of Many Fashions

Wondrous Item, minor tier, common

This cloak resembles the Cloak of Billowing and will be coveted by role players and LARPers everywhere. It will always remain a cloak and it won’t gain the magical properties of other cloaks, BUT you can transform its appearance to any color, style, texture or fabric of cloak. I can just see the iridescent , neon green, or riding hood red cloak.

8. Cloak of Invisibility

Wondrous Item, major tier, legendary

When you pull up the hood of this cloak over your head, you become invisible. The invisibility lasts until you pull the hood down or up to 2 hours maximum. After the two hours, the cloak needs 12 hours to recharge for one hour of invisibility or 24 hours total to recharge fully. Also, anything you are carrying or wearing becomes invisible as well.

Hooded Cloak Black

Raven Fox Premium Men’s Hooded Cloak with POCKETS in Noir Black.


9. Hell Hound Cloak

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This hell hound hide cloak can transform you into a hell hound for up to an hour. It’s a polymorph spell, so after an hour you revert to yourself or you can use an action to revert to normal sooner.

This transformation seems helpful in a dangerous situation, however, be warned this cloak with hood is also cursed with hell hound essence. Once you become attuned to the hell hound cloak, the curse extends to you. Only by using a remove curse or similar magic, will you be able to separate yourself from the cloak.

If you use the hell hound cloak more than 6 times, things get more complicated. Each time after the sixth use you must make a DC 15 Charisma saving throw. There is a danger that you could fail on the save and won’t be able to return to normal form. If you remain a hell hound for 6 hours, it becomes permanent and you lose your sense of self. However, a remove curse or similar magic can return you to normal. Finally, if you remain a hell hound for 6 days, only a wish spell can return you to normal form.

10. Cloak of Piwafwi (Cloak of Elvenkind)

Wondrous Item, uncommon (requires attunement)

This Cloak of Piwafwi is made by a drow of a dark, spider silk. Also, if exposed to an uninterrupted hour of sunlight, it loses its magic. Like the Cloak of Elvenkind, wear the hood up to increase your stealth and ability to hide in plain sight.

Do you have a favorite Magical D&D Cloak? 

There’s a such a variety of cloaks here, it’s probably hard to pick one. The Arachnida, bat, and hell hound cloaks all seem they’d like they’d be fun and edgy or menacing. The billowing cloak or cloak of many colors seem like they’d appeal to the larper or person who loves fantasy costuming. The majority of these magical cloaks, such as the Cloak of Displacement, Elvenkind, Protection, and Invisibility, would all be of practical use in a game.

Feel free to write me about your favorite(s) in the comments below and include any actual game scenarios, if you wish.

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