Recently, I had the pleasure of coming across the subreddit/TheCapeRevolution.

The subreddit is devoted to sharing capes and cloaks people have made, bought, or admired. What makes it a lot of fun is the sharing of fashion and artsy cape photos. The other Reddit theme is actually about a tongue-in-cheek revolution to convince regular people to wear capes. What would happen if the 24.5K people on the subreddit all started wearing capes at once? Would others be inspired to join them? Are there other ways to make this happen, like enlisting celebrities to wear capes or creating cape memes.

Everyday Cape

What’s an Everyday Cape Anyway?

Then came the philosophical question, who has the courage to be different and wear a cape in everyday life. From here ensued a lot of discussion about how “different” is the cape we are discussing. People pictured everything from a transparent scarf around the shoulders of a dress, a cape coat, a hoodie sweatshirt which is wide and has arm slits, to a full-length wool medieval cloak. Most of these garments seem subtle and not likely to invite a lot of stares but rather some pleasant inquiries. Whereas, wearing a full-length wool cloak to work is going to create surprise and almost surely create comments and stares.

Everyday Cloaks

So what about being a different, bold dresser? I say it comes down to personal choice and personality. Some of us want to be different, and some don’t. Some of us invite stares. For others it would cause pain. Also, remember there are many ways to be different, being a bold dresser is only one of many ways to be courageous!

Billy Porter Does Bold Beautifully

The celebrity actor Billy Porter is a great example of a bold dresser. Actually, he might be a once-in-a-century bold dresser!! For some time now, he’s been mixing what’s been traditionally women’s runway dresses with men’s suiting. It combo looks different, but also elegant and stylish on him. He can pull it off! Also, Billy Porter has access to first rate tailors. This ensemble for the 2019 Golden Globe Awards took 6 months all together.

As a college student, I wore a lot of bright-colored shirts with a neutral skirt or pants. Come to think of it, I still dress that way! I’d also a single color from head to toe, as well as scarves and hats. People would admire my colors or outfits, especially my hats and scarves but say they couldn’t pull it off. They’d say it was fine for me because I dressed that way often.

One of the most unusual garments I had was a vintage A-line mid-calf turquoise cape with side slits and pockets. It was bright! And I wore it as my coat on a trip to look at art schools on the East Coast. Truthfully, sometimes I felt like a million bucks in that coat and sometimes I felt like I’d dropped in from another planet. It depended on the context as it felt cool around any artsy place, and little out-there around for non-artsy friends or an airport for example.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

So if you want to dress boldly, try it out in small amounts just like dipping your toe in the pool. Or enlist the help of a friend to go to a costuming event, hold a costume party, or just get go out with you in everyday capes. Take it on in baby steps like other new endeavors. Also, I’m a big proponent of working on costumes or special attire when you can. Want a cape, start making it or save for it. Look for hats you like. Keep building that dream wardrobe gradually so you have what you like when the opportunity comes along. 

Interestingly, this fabulous cartoon appeared in October 2019. You can find the creator Paige Walsh of abbycomics on Instagram. The cartoon appeared in October 2019 and the Subreddit account started in December 2019. I wondered if the cartoon I saw months back had inspired the subreddit, but I studied all the early posts and that doesn’t seem to be the case. So it musta been something in the water.

A few more comments about the subreddit/TheCapeRevolution. People touched on many of the same topics I’ve covered in the Raven Fox Capes and Cloak blog. For example, what’s the difference between a cape and a cloak? They argued about the practicality vs. the fun of capes. Here’s a rundown of the topics as I see it.

  1. How to wear an everyday cape and have it look cool
  2. How to start a fashion trend in which lots of other people also start wearing capes for everyday life; they choose the hashtag #caperevolution, over #capes2020
  3. cape memes
  4. Where to buy a cloak or a cape
  5. How to make a cloak or a cape
  6. Posting a photo of your cape / cloak
  7. What is a cloak / cape
  8. Closures / brooches for cloaks and capes
  9. Being Yourself without Irony

Be Bold If You Want To

In conclusion, you only live once, so if you want to be bold, be bold. Don’t waste energy pushing yourself around, just get out of your comfort zone. The secret to life success is getting out of your comfort zone!! Trying new things, note what works, and try again. Improvement or change is often incremental and based on a mix of successes and failures.

Xo, Karen


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