Long hooded cloaks are perfect for your next fantasy or costume event. In case its not obvious, we wrote up 6 reasons.

Reason 1: Making A Grand Entrance

Grabbing attention at the entrance is a major reason long hooded cloaks rock!! Keep your costume under wraps on the metro, in the parking lot and coming in and out of the building. You choose the time and place when you take the cloak off and display your costume brilliance!!!

Other guests may take notice of your flowing cloak and the rich color, if you are wrapped in a jewel-colored medieval cloak. Your unique costume however, will remain hidden until the right moment. When you remove your cloak — you can stand tall, untie the velvet tie at the neck and let it drop to the ground. Another option for shedding the cape, is to swing it around yourself with flourish!!!

Reason 2: Wear As A Cover Up

Cover up, when you want the eyeballs to go away.  There might be times you don’t want to be starred at while in costume. Imagine you are going through the fast food drive-through for lunch. Throw on the medieval cloak, if you wish to deflect the gaze of others! This might see like the opposite of Reason 1, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Long Hooded Cape Cloak

Reason 3: Pockets for Your Phone

Who goes to a fantasy or costuming event without a phone? No one ever! With the deep pockets in our medieval capes, your phone will always be inches from your fingertips. Also, you’ll have two pockets, one on each side. Use the second pocket for your wallet, makeup, or guest pass.

Also, I admit I have a problem with leaving my purses lying around and often have to go back for them. I get distracted at events by all the activity. Therefore, I love being free of a purse or a backpack and not having to keep track of stuff.

Reason 4: Long Hooded Cloaks Fit Better than Coats!

Hooded cloaks are vastly better as a top layer over costumes. They are billowing and have no constricting sleeves. The many yards of fabric wrap easily around most costumea, no matter how large or oddly-shaped your costume might be.

Reason 5: Warmth.

In California, the weather is always in the 70’s. OK, that’s a myth. It’s also not like Baywatch all the time, either.

It is true that we have a long summer and a short cold season. If you were wearing a heavy wool cloak during the day or on a summer night, you might find yourself sweating and uncomfortable.

A mid-weight Medieval hooded cloak provides just-right-warmth for cool days and nights, depending on your warmth needs.

Reason 6: Beauty.

A cloak is practical but also beautiful. We searched for a soft premium fabric that is vastly thicker than cloaks or capes sold in stores. The jewel colors are bright and all the colors have a great sheen and an excellent drape. Here’s what one of our appreciative customers says:

These capes are made from a soft, luxurious velvet, that makes them both comfortable and elegant. I particularly like the drape of the fabric, it flows nicely when I move. The pockets are an added bonus. I liked them so much I ordered two, one for myself and one for my daughter. — Grier C.

Medieval cape Hooded capeRaven Fox Capes and Cloaks creates beautiful long hooded cloaks for costume events. People rave about the flowing, billowing fabric and the deep pockets for your phone. Add a medieval cape as a cover-up for your costume and make a grand entrance!!