Our mission at Raven Fox Capes and Cloaks is to supply ready-made luxurious medieval capes for fantasy events. Our soft, flowing capes are made with panne velvet. More about that in the second half of this article.

Medieval Cape

It’s our observation that the ultra-cheap cloaks available in Halloween shops are practically disposable. Any of these would disappoint people who love costumes and attend fantasy events like Renaissance Faire, Exotic Erotic Ball, Edwardian Ball, Dicken’s Faire, Harry Potter Events and more. On the other hand, on Etsy you can find higher end custom cloaks that cost 100’s of dollars. While these cloaks are beautiful — they take weeks to reach your doorstep, require multiple decisions and a large financial commitment. Additionally, many are wool or another heavy fabric which are hard to move in, itchy and don’t breath well.

Now imagine a medieval velvet cloak made with deliciously soft, thick and flowing fabric that you can order online and receive right away. The fabric moves with you and adds drama and mystery to your costume. The panne velvet wraps easily around you so you can walk to and from your nighttime event in warmth and style. Instead of costing 100’s, it costs much less than $100, so it’s like a luxury accessory for the price of a regular garment.

Panne Velvet Fabric: Weight, Sheen, Drape, and Flow

  • Weight: Not too heavy or too light. Our panne velvet fabric is 700% thicker than the capes found in stores and soft to the touch! The 700% is not a scientific number but meant to illustrate its a similar fabric but many degrees higher quality! Many people wear our capes to come or go or for warmth at a nighttime event. Thus I wanted to provide some warmth but not too much as you’ll have other costume pieces on underneath.
  • Sheen:  Our green, black, and purple medieval capes have a gorgeous, shiny quality!
  • Drape and Flow: Panne Velvet looks great hanging on your frame, dancing or walking fast. You can make a grand entrance in it or create a show-stopping moment when taking it off or putting it on.
  • Washable: Our fabric is 100% polyester and therefore machine washable.

Medieval Cape Medieval Cloak

More about Panne Velvet for Fabric Geeks

What is penna velvet? Penna velvet is a new name for velour, or velour is the common name used in fabric stores. You are probably familiar with velour. It’s is a knitted fabric with the rich, plush quality of velvet but with an additional stretchy quality not found in velvet. Velour is used for leotards, dancewear, costumes, and work out clothes. It’s also used for upholstery, car seats, theater drapes, and stage curtains.

Interestingly, velour is made using the same weaving process as velvet. It’s made by weaving two sets of warps and wefts at the same time; the two sides are cut apart to create two separate tufted fabrics. I’m simplifying a little but velvet is made from expensive fibers like silk, rayon & silk, linen, mohair, and wool. Velour and panne velvet are both made from synthetics like polyester, nylon, viscose,  acetate and other mixes of synthetic and natural fabrics. Spandex is often added to give it stretch.

I’ve hope I’ve told you all you want to know about our panne velvet capes!


Medieval CapeRaven Fox Capes and Cloaks makes beautiful, elegant capes you can order online and wear right away. Our mission is to create cloaks for fantasy lovers to wear over and over. No ugly disposable fabrics like those sold at Halloween stores. No itchy, heavy wools like custom models. These cloaks are for fantasy and costume lovers only. Also, our capes have deep pockets so you can leave those backpacks and purses behind!

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