I’m thrilled to show you these photos of our new medieval capes taken on the Black Rock Desert!

A friend of ours took our samples along to Nevada last week and organized a photoshoot during the outdoor festival! Can’t get over how well you can see the sheen and fluidity of the capes from this swirling, twirling pose!

Bright and Beautiful Medieval Capes

The aesthetic and practical features of a cape / cloak make it a great addition to a costume for the Nevada Playa! First, is its shiny, bright fabric in black, green and purple. Second, are the deep pockets for carrying your camera, goggles, glasses and other small items. Third, is its enveloping quality — use a cape or cloak to keep off the sun, wind, sand or cold. Take it off or put it on in seconds.

Dance in it all you desire! Not safe for bike riding!

Medieval Capes Playa

I’m grateful to live in a time when costuming for adults is widely practiced and celebrated. I’m sure it’s the legacy of the 60’s, 70’s and hippie culture that today adults celebrate Halloween, Burning Man, Comic-Con, Renaissance Faire and other events in full costume.

1 Rule, 1 Recommendation and 1 Non-Rule for Playa Costumes

When you change your clothes, you change your perspective. The rules change…the world changes…and we step into another dimension.

1) Boots and Sunglasses. Also, googles and hats. Nearly all the Playa costumes include boots and sunglasses or googles as protection from the hot sands, bright sunlight and sandstorms.

2) No MOOP — Matter out of Place is a term coined by burners. They take the “Leave No Trace” Principle seriously. So in the costume frame of reference that means no glitter, sequins or feather boas. We all know that once that stuff gets away, its impossible to get it back into the box. Pandora’s Box, anyone?

3) Psychedelic Everything — Outside of the two rules above, everything goes and the more head turning and outrageous the better. People flock to burning man to cut loose and escape reality. The change of costume is a powerful way to signal the departure from normal sociatal rules. Costumes often include BDSM leather gear, bikinis, kimonos, unicorn masks, disco gear, mylar spacesuits, leopard print, corsets, umbrellas, tutus, fake fur, mirrored fabrics or reflective fabrics and for night, LED lights or glow-in-the-dark clothes and accessories.

Read the New York Times Article here Burning Man’s Fashion Is Wild, but There Are Rules

Medieval Cape Medieval CloakRaven Fox Capes and Cloaks is a family fun business devoted to providing elegant, high quality cloaks to be worn again and again, unlike the nearly disposable cloaks sold for Halloween. Ideal for people who attend fantasy or costuming events throughout the year. Our cloaks not only look incredible, but feature deep pockets to carry your small things like your camera and are machine washable. Safe for dancing, not for cycling.