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6 Ideas for your Medieval Wedding

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Medieval Capes

A good themed wedding is not only themed in its big decorations but in its details. As themed weddings go, Lord of the Rings, fantasy, and medieval weddings are some of the most fun. There are options for elven dresses, forested or castle scenery, and rustic feasting tables. The amount of customization out there is overwhelming. Here are some ideas for adding the little details to your medieval wedding!

Medieval Wedding Chalices

Credit: Sara and Taylor

Chalices and Flutes

Stay hydrated! You will find that the number of drinks throughout the evening will be many, from the meal to the reception. You and your partner can get matching chalices for each other — some are even made to fit together into hearts! These eye-catching chalices or wine flutes can be displayed in your home or used for special occasions to remind you of your wedding day.

Guests can be asked to bring their own, or you can buy different varieties. If everyone’s chalice or flute looks different, there won’t be any whose-is-whose glass confusion! Plus, what is a medieval feast without its medieval place settings?


Credit: Sheila and Jason / Dragon Heart Flutes / Sara and Taylor

Capes and Cloaks

Capes and cloaks aren’t just for the guests—brides and grooms can wear them to add more flair and elegance. As for the type of cloak or cape, they vary depending on the colors and themes the marrying couple chooses. There are thick capes with embroidery, gossamer cloaks, shoulder-capes, fur capes—really, anything!

A wedding cloak can take the place of a trailing veil. They also complete the royal or fantasy look; is it really fantasy if there isn’t’ a good cape, cloak, or robe?

Medieval Weddings Cloaks Capes

Credit: Jamie and Tom / Kellie and Andy / Karen and James / Savy and Nick


Not only can medieval rings add to the look of the wedding, but they can be beautiful simply as a ring. To fit them to the theme, they may be larger with detailing, or a smaller size with natural patterns. Again, they are tailored to the themes and personalities of the couple, but within the medieval weddings theme there are countless options!

Ancient Rings

Credit: 40 wedding ideas / Erin and Shelby / Joni and Jeremy


What conveys romance and olden times like candles? Too many candles could be a fire hazard, but candle holders can mitigate some of the risks and look even more fantastical. Candles make a charming centerpiece for the dinner table, but they can also be held by bride maids or used in the ceremony decoration.

Lighting Ideas

Credit: Ben and Victoria / Jenny Ebert

Crowns and Flowers

Nothing speaks elven royalty like a delicate elven crown. Both brides and grooms can choose to wear an elven crown, their design also tailored to the couple. Other options are decadent flower crowns—for brides, bridesmaids, guests, and anyone who wishes! If not in a crown, threading flowers into a bride’s hair or braids adds a very fantasy, and beautiful, feeling.

Flowers, in general, fit well into the theme, being both romantic and fantastical. Who wouldn’t want to walk down an aisle strewn with rose petals? Or dine at tables with flowery centerpieces?

Medieval Decorations

Credit: Adriana and Bill / Kellie and Andy / Sean and Alexandra


Swords, though maybe not made for the ceremony, are great for two other things: photo opts and cutting the cake! The quality and sharpness of the sword is up to the couple, but a sword—or multiple—can really pull the wedding into the medieval realm. Armor is also an option, though much more involved.

Capes and Cloaks

Credit: Brandie and Tyler / Heather and Bobby / Edward and Emily

The options for fantasy or medieval weddings are endless. No two look alike, with some opting for fairy wings, some for war paint, others for magic wands. How you transport you and all of your wedding guests into another world is a personal, creative, and almost certainly fun process! These ideas serve as a start and a good way to get the process going. As long as your themes stay true to yourselves and what you really enjoy, it’s hard to go wrong.

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