Medieval and LOTR Weddings

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Selecting a medieval or Lord of the Rings / LOTR wedding theme enhances the fun, magic, and mystery of the day. Some couples add a few thematic references to their special day while others spend years assembling the details.

One couple, Heather and Bobby, spent at least a year on details for their wedding, the groom’s armor in particular. They both love fantasy, their interests including Dungeon & Dragons, Battlestar Galactica, Elder Scrolls, Doctor Who, Comic-Cons, and cosplay, so it was fitting that fantasy costuming would rule their wedding.

LOTR WeddingMore Photos of Heather and Bobby at Dunafon Castle

Heather and Bobby, who live in Colorado, discovered an actual castle in their state. They chose the gorgeous Dunafon Castle, seen in the background, which hosts up to thirty weddings a year.

It was the Dunafon Castle setting that inspired them to go with the Game of Thrones and LOTR theme, complete with medieval attire, armor, swords, dragons, and elves.

LOTR Wedding Medieval Medival

It’s captivating how the richly-colored, sumptuous fabrics of medieval royals combine with the vibrant green of the Colorado Mountains. The wedding pictures celebrate the elegance and imagination of the couple as they step into their new life together.

Note, the wedding party attire includes a few medieval capes. The bride’s maids are wearing white and burgundy hooded capes, and the lady on the far right is wearing a rich velvet medieval cape with gold trim!

LOTR Wedding Medieval Wedding

Here’s a few ideas of your Medieval Wedding or LOTR Wedding:

Location: Forest at dusk with twinkling lights, a castle
Font: LOTR font or calligraphy for signage and invites
Bridal Dress: White or rich royal colors like blue, red, or green
Capes: Bridal wedding cape or medieval capes for the fellowship
Hair: Natural with an elven crown or a floral wreath
Ears: Elven ears
Music: Courtly medieval or LOTR-themed
Wedding Toast: a chalice or dragon-themed goblets
Dinner: Could have a hobbit or medieval theme
Entertainment or Details: Swords and daggers

LOTR Wedding Medieval Wedding

This photo transports me. As the ceremony ended, the ushers in front stood and the bagpipes began to play. Guests drew their swords to create this sword tunnel. Note some of the medieval capes among the guests; I see royal blue and purple.

Bride Heather said she was surprised in the end by how many people came in costume. She’d pictured about half but on the day all but two people showed up in costume. I wouldn’t want to be the only two on that day!

A few of the medieval costumes, especially medieval capes

These photos show the bride’s maids, the officiant, and a woman wearing a gorgeous emerald-green cape. The bride’s maids’ hooded garments may not be capes because they have sleeves, but I’m sure we can agree they are cape-like and I love the white damask fabric.

Medieval Cape

Black Medieval Capes

Medival Cape

LOTR Wedding

Wedding Photos by Destination Wedding Photographers, Angela and Drew Willingham. Visit their site for more exceptional wedding photography!

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